Sunday, January 9, 2011

Manage the call list on your iPhone 3G

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These tips can help you manage your call lists easily and be able to help your people whom you have called or referred Add to your contacts.

Looking at the 3G iPhone, press the Phone "icon and then press the Recent" "button. This is a list of missed calls to make or receive calls. Pressing the "lost" at the top of the screen can further filter the list. This is just the 'missed calls. Just press the number of these calls. To return the complete list, press the "All".

To add any of the numbers on the list, press the "Blue Arrow" on the right side of the number. The choices are displayed, "The Call", "Send a text message", "Creating a new contact" or "add to an existing contact." Click on "Create a new contact."

Thus, the screen will add to this number as a new contact. Press the "Blue Arrow"on the right side of the field name input and a QWERTY keyboard for input to display your contacts and last name. Once this is done, return to create groups of contacts screen by pressing the "Save" and then press the Save button. Press Recent calls will be returned to the login screen calls. The contact has been created and will instead appear in the call list on your iPhone 3G, to name just a number.

Another option you have with the iPhone3G is a number to add to an existing contact. From the call list screen, press the "Blue Arrow" on the right side of the number that you save to an existing contact. Then press the "Add to an existing contact." A list of existing contacts are displayed. Press the contact that you want the number to add. Available information. In the middle of the right side of the screen of the iPhone 3G, there is a "Blue Arrow", press these guys a list ofie home, work, mobile. Choose between using the phone number. You will be returned in "Add Phone" screen. Now press "Save." The number was recorded for the terminal and is now in the call screen is the name instead of the phone number.

To delete the 3G iPhone call logs, press the Delete button at the top right of the screen. IPhone 3G shows two possibilities. "Delete all records" or "Cancel." Press the "Delete all records" to remove the listcalls and press "Cancel" to this list intact.

This is the easiest way to add and update contacts on the iPhone 3G.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Gameloft Podcast # 8 - Spider-Man: Mayhem Total / Comic-Con 2010

Special edition of the podcast at Comic-Con 2010, including some exclusive photos of Spider-Man: Total Mayhem. The game is on the App Store in September of this year. Gameloft Podcasts are also available on iTunes, check it out and sign up for free!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Shocker! (5.4.10 - Day 369)

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Electric Beats David Guetta

AppStore: electro beats very intuitive to beat the application, in collaboration with renowned and sought after producer David Guetta is designed. Soon it will be to create great sound with beats, for an effective approach in real time and a library of sounds impressive. More at

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The reasons you should get an iPod

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iPod is a small electronic device, anywhere you can store and play music at any time. It stores a large number of files and can be performed easily in those pockets.

Being marketed by Apple and it was this revolutionary device began in October 2001. Since then more than one hundred million units already sold, and sales are expected to continue on a massive increase in the coming years. It issurprising that, despite the fact that although the price range is quite high, iPod gain a great importance, not only in the rich industrial countries, but also the most financially sound countries in the developing world.

iPod can be said, a dream come true revolution for music lovers. It is probably one of the best discoveries so far in history, as a treat for music lovers were served. It allows you to store, download and exchange music conveniently with theThe use of Internet and Web, and devices with Bluetooth options. Music can be stored under different file names under different heads, and can be easily transferred or even deleted from the folder. Several options are also iPod, which can vary from model to model the correct fun listening to the music available. The sound quality is excellent, and is sure most conscious person to forget all the others!

She is not only easy to use, they are also extremelyto show smart and trendy! E 'thin and pretty and can easily fit in your tight jeans with large pockets, especially considering that the iPod Nano! Although the size of their use vary slightly, depending on the model, the general appearance and functions remain the same. For example, all iPods except iPod shuffle, the bear, in the midst of a Click Wheel, that window, the buttons to select different options on flashed a.

Another important reason why there is no needHesitant to buy an iPod is the fact that the apple is the safe purchase, give a guarantee to all buyers for them. You can stay free from worries about the small music system, even after sales services very impressive, which means that after the purchase.

The iPod can be set separately form all other electronic devices that are available on the market today. It is arguable that they do more or less similar to MP3 players, in terms of basic functions, they tendBring one can not deny the fact that iPods are certainly way ahead and if you compare the different characteristics of them and made available.

They are working on batteries must be recharged every drain his power. But fortunately, takes little time to get the iPod fully charged and ready. Even if the battery is full, you can use it again go for hours without recharging cell phones and laptops, etc. Furthermore, as,how many of the advanced digital music player systems, can also act as external data memory.

With music as a favorite pastime of people around the world, it's no wonder why iPods are now to be so angry, seem not only among the younger generation but also among others. The fact is that iPods these days seen as an accessory, and some important statements of style, a must not only music lovers but also amongthose who are actually the least interest in music.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What are the best free applications for iPad?

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Just bought a iPad process and are now looking for the best iPad? Applications for the Apple gadget is the world's largest and greatest day to day. Because of the public API for the tablet, there are thousands of independent parties, particularly those working to develop applications and have started because of increasing demand and supply, many websites have iPad for the publication of the best applications . In addition, technology blogs like LifehackerGizmodo posts and have devoted most of them speak iPad and applications for the device.

Let me clarify one thing. The attempt to leave the best applications for the device in a short article written to cover sounds crazy. So, we talk about some applications that use the brand to be discussed today.

First of all, the Kindle is becoming increasingly popular among tablet users. Even if the Kindle was introduced after some time, the first tabletApplication has failed to win the hearts and souls of the eBook reader. Many people have found this as a replacement for the success of Amazon Kindle.

Students can learn Blackboard iPad Mobile Apps are one of the best. With this application, teachers interact with students online, write blogs, post comments and grades for their work.

If you are a music lover and aspiring DJs, Groove Maker is similar to a built-in DJ in the tablet. You can, in fact, mostdo things that the modern DJ software. With this application, it does a great mobile DJ and your friends will definitely make all of their meetings.

Organized in fact, is a challenge for most of us. Most of our to-do list are too complex in time and is very difficult, a full to-do list as a mobile application. "Things" is one of the best free applications for iPad. This sophisticated and well designed Task Manager lets you manage your day moreeffectively with ease. By "things" will never miss a task.

The tablet is a great source of fun. That is, if you make the right choice. Netflix is one of the best iPad, when it comes to streaming media. Netflix has already become the de facto standard for online streaming media and is expanding its presence beyond sub-mainstream platforms of the Internet. Unlike many other streaming applications for handheld devices, you can Netflix for movies and shows and researcha tail in September

If you forget your piano or keyboard while you travel with your iPad Pro is a pianist, the best solution for you. This application is for the iPhone, and it was a huge success, as many iPhone users love began. In this application was brought iPad, usability has been greatly improved, the tablet provides more screen area of state for large buttons. Therefore, this version of Pro pianist is actually enough for playback of an actual full lengthSong.