Thursday, December 30, 2010

iPad Versus iPhone

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iPad vs iPhone users always a difficult and interesting for comparison to the '. iPad and iPhone are similar in many respects. Both have many of the same functions and display functions. But the big difference is outside the efficiency and device compatibility with the user.

Some of the future, particularly in the face and iPad is the iPhone, but they differ in terms of speed, quality and efficiency. When a consumer turns to the market to buy a newelectrical device in this category iPhone and iPad usually has to relate the differences below.

The first and most important property to be taken into account, the memory is made by the device. Both devices offer enough space for normal use comfortably. But some applications are more likely to use the equipment for business, entertainment and personal. So it is very necessary to select the device you choose Maximum memory capacity. The iPhone has 16 GB and 32 GB flash drive. In iPad, not only offers 16 GB and 32 GB flash drive, but also a 64 GB flash drive that your PC makes it very easy for a day, the user needs to replace their day with iPad. There are some other factors the iPhone compared to a comparison should be iPad.

When it comes to media and entertainment options is the display of the device plays a very important role. Both> IPad and iPhone are multimedia-enabled devices. Both media offer, music, videos or any other type of entertainment that is available today can be. But the display quality of the two devices. IPad has a higher resolution of 1024 * 768 pixels as the iPhone, which is the pixel resolution of 480 * The 320th iPad more clearly that the iPhone when it comes to looking at the file device and other entertainment.

For the class of businessThe use of these devices is the most important property that the input device. iPhone has a much smaller and sometimes hard-to-keyboard that many users are using these meetings. The iPhone is not compatible with many external keyboards that have been made available compatible. IPad On the other hand has a very spacious and comfortable virtual keyboard. This keyboard can be very effective to work on it. However, if a corner iPad is, or is in an upright position 90 of the keyboardalmost unusable. This disadvantage is a severe blow to iPad, as they used to be not very comfortable ride, if set. However, Apple has a catchment area of the keyboard, that a solution to this problem started hiking.

These are some of the differences that a user can be found in the iPhone and iPad. The iPad areas may appear as an ideal tool for many applications, but considering the price of the iPhone is very popular in some of. Sun iPad vs iPhoneComparison does not end, but depends on the user of what they need to select the function.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Parrot AR.Drone: Demo Flight (Prototype) January 2010

Watch videos on New! AR.Drone January 2010: The first Wi-Fi quadricopter that can be controlled by iPhone and iPod Touch & iPad. Augmented Reality Games! Follow us on twitter @ @ Parrot & Learn about Ardron and http

Monday, December 27, 2010

Prevent the theft of iPods

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IPod has become very popular in recent years and the increasing use so that the theft of iPods. Unfortunately, this iPod thieves are many young people who want the status symbols for themselves or for money selling on the streets of. IPod are particularly targeted, as they provide valuable, easily identifiable, and no anti-theft protection. Also iPod owners are likely to be distracted by listening to them and muggers have more of a musicChance to get noticed.

The point is that the iPod is a portable device, you hold your iPod at home locked in a drawer in order to have a place in the first. What can be done to stop the thieves target iPod? The first obvious precaution would be to keep the iPod when it is hidden inside and out. You do not hang your purse in the eye, so as not to wear your iPod where everyone can see it.The thieves are also looking for the distinctive white earphones. Use the standard headphones that have a different color, and preferably in combination with the dress.

The school is one of the most common theft of iPods as their movements and routines are easy to follow. Think carefully before you take your iPod to school and not leave in plain sight in your car. Keep it hidden and locked in a safe place if you take, you areSchool.

If the iPod is purchased to record the position through the Apple Web site, and many are known your name against the serial. If your iPod is stolen and is recovered, the police can trace at least you as the owner. If you save your iPod by buying online from Apple, which will give you a free engraving service. Of course, you can also do it on your local store engraving engraver. Incision may have a deterrent effect, since it is much harder for the thiefthe sale of an iPod with a different name engraved on.

You can purchase blocks iPod that the iPod has a three-digit combination lock as Targus Mobile Security Lock for. This is useful when you are - only the two same iPod! Podolock is a transparent case for iPod mini so that access to the Click Wheel. The disadvantage of this device is that it is rather cumbersome. The Pod Safe, Secure-It is a combination thatBasically it turns your iPod into a block, leaving the click wheel and screen on the web.

Be reasonable when using the iPod outside of your home and you will have many happy hours. Are you looking for unlimited free music to listen to your iPod, then take a look at the link below.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It 's a good idea for a Microwave Etch A Sketch?

Poll: What do you think of Riley, our friend? Experiment # 119 - Etch A Sketch Jory wonders if there is a permanent way to "shake" the incriminating photos drew its travel-size Etch A Sketch - perhaps super-heating of the aluminum powder in the trick? So, you ask, is a good idea to microwave this? Tune in to find out. Twice a week, microwave specialist Jory Caron microwaves different objects ... so you do not have to! The "JoryCaron Microwave Laboratory II "is a state of the art facility with tinfoil shielding, a ventilation system, emergency surge protector, protective clothing provided, and a Sharp Carousel microwave named Tracy. Special thanks to Brandon Cooper for his donation Etch A Sketch! ** New Episodes Every Monday and Friday! +++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++ ** Support The Show + + + + + Video FAQ - T-Shirts ---- ----- ideo App Live Show - Donate $ $ +++++ +++++ Connect with us::: Jonathan Paula::: YouTube Facebook Twitter ---- ------- --- ::: Jory Caron::: ---- ------- YouTube Facebook Twitter ---::: Riley McIlwain::: YouTube ---- Twitter Facebook ------- ---::: IDEO Productions::: ---- ------- --- YouTube Facebook Twitter bit . ly +++++ +++++ Video Credits Starring: Jory Caron, Jonathan & Paula & Riley McIlwain Filmed by: Jonathan Paula Anideo ...

Friday, December 24, 2010

How to screen print a T-Shirt Hey guys! Well here as promised! A very entertaining tutorial shows how to screen printing custom T-shirt. Be creative and show what you come up ^ _ ^ I used the very simple design for quick demo purposes. You can definitely go for the more detailed graphics Remember, the shirts are washable, so you do not have to worry about fading. Be patient with me, guys. Bubbi T-shirts are back in operation soon. His race through a major expansion! Most (ifnot all) of my tools were all purchased from Ebay! lol ... Have fun! With much love, x Bubbi

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Leather cases iPad

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IPad leather cases are one of the most popular events are available. People love these cases because they feel good when you touch, are durable and give them your iPad a business like feel. There are many companies and many colors, so there is virtually something for everyone. Most of them are also very cheap.

If you love your iPad and I bet you do, then you absolutely must buy something to protect it. Leather Cases are ideal forbecause they are stronger and feel that it is protected. They usually have a piece of soft tissue inside to keep iPad scratches on the screen and back from the get. Some of them have also put extra pocket for accessories are many well-known companies that make these cases are in. But there are some people that many like. Some of these cases.

CrazyOnDigital, black leather case, leather on the soft fibers and outside Accountsinside, your sure iPad iPad kept within the four corners of the belt, give your iPad a luxurious look.
rooCASE Executive Folio leather bag, leather made from 100 percent true. Bags have you, pen, pencil, etc. Protect your credit cards iPad dust and scratches, all the media the other ports and buttons are easily accessible. Four colors are available.
iPad leather case, 100Percentage of leather, has inside pockets for credit cards and pens, etc. keeps your iPad inside the safe and free from scratches. The iPad comfortable inside with the straps on the corners.

Many different colors and in many ways, it is definitely something for everyone. Whether you are classic, such as companies or something more elegant than it would always be something you can buy. These cases are a must for lovers of an iPad. If you protect your dust and iPadScratches are then definitely buy this.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

iPhone Insurance - Protect your iPhone with insurance

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iPhone is an expensive phone to buy and is vulnerable to theft, damage and loss. You can place it in a store to go and say never again. If your iPhone is too expensive, then spend a few extra bucks for your insurance is worth it. If it happens to have the iPhone, you can request a refund if you have your insurance policy. A small monthly fee can save thousands of dollars spent to purchase iPhone des

iPhone insurance is easyavailable to third parties. Some people ask whether it is really worth, then the answer is that they are almost 1.2 million mobile phones face water damage in a year and thousands of their iPhones. Once the phone falls in water, the chances of saving it are minimal to none. Without insurance, the owner of the iPhone is damaged to spend thousands of extra bucks to buy another iPhone, or simply move to less expensive phone.

iPhoneInsurance helps to bring the costs for damaged or lost iPhone in a day or two. Once the iPhone is lost, there is no point in looking under the car seat. When the phone is automatic, so it's likely that someone decides to remove it. Replace your iPhone with a brand new one costing more than twice the price. It 'best to take the insurance. You must pay the monthly fee, the total expenses, it cost at the end of the yearless than what is spent on a new phone. With the iPhone insurance can lodge a complaint and it's time to get a replacement phone no.

When searching for insurance iPhone, you should consider finding an insurance company that offers as much space as possible. The cover should include: -

Accidental Damage: This type of reporting will be sure to protect your iPhone, should the unexpected happen. If you sit on it, put on the floor, oraccidentally an object placed on the phone, insurance, iPhone, this phone has to repair or replace the phone.

Liquid damage - If you make the phone gets wet, the board and other components of the device will be short and the drive unusable. This coverage protects the cell from damage, which is produced from a liquid.

Theft - iPhone insurance policies that offer this type of reporting will replace yourPhone should be stolen.

fraudulent call cover - Only FSA authorized and regulated insurance companies can offer this type of reporting. If your phone is stolen calls, insurance companies offer this coverage that protects the iPhone and report the fraudulent insurance up to € 100 in

Extended Warranty - If your phone breaks outside the warranty period, iPhone insurance, repair or replacement ofDevice.

International coverage - some insurance companies guarantee that iPhone have put their insurance coverage, no matter where they are in the world.

Monday, December 20, 2010

For this reason you should have a Get iPad sale

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Experts iPad took the market by storm and technical networks really surprised with his performance and compatibility with others. It offers high-quality results at an affordable price seems to exist, and the need for such a device. But only after the market come with their Apple iPad, others have recognized the market potential of planning strategies and market development for its unused.

We all know by now that the iPad is basically a device that fills theGap between iPod touch and laptop computers. The features are provided by the iPads very useful and will be used by many people. Compatibility with all the other networks are the product more user friendly and acceptable in the market. Thanks to its small size and weight, is also very easy to handle and can take anywhere. Each user need not worry about its maintenance, because it is built by Apple. The iPad is also surprisingly hard, I saw a video where the iPad was alwaysattacked by a baseball bat, but it took a few swings before taking any real damage.

The iPad offers more than 140,000 applications, including the books I've read about and also works for Mac 2 His kit connecting the camera allows users to import photos from an SD memory card or camera. Another feature is the availability of a traditional keyboard. The user does not need a contract phone, however, decide to get the contract if you get 3G, you can iPadYou can surf the Internet wherever you are.

If you decide to buy an iPad unique features and you will be surprised by technology.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Find the best homes iPad

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The case of unprotected iPad

A whole craft has developed around the later versions of Apple and the latest high-tech devices. When a new gadget appears on the market to soak up dozens of companies to design and manufacture products to protect them from various threats, including water, abrasion and general management.

The case of the iPad is no different. Although the Tablet PC has only iconicavailable for some months, there are literally dozens of options for the protection of these popular devices are already sitting on the shelves of local computer retailer, with more arriving daily.

One of the most popular events for the new Apple iPad, the case sleeve. This type of case makes it easy for the user to the device in a hurry if they are slipping on the road. The case sleeve protects against scratches and dirt iPad, but not much defenseBlows and kicks. Many elegant graphics and materials make this an attractive option for users iPad. A variant of this is the case with the zipper that has a similar design, but hinges to secure the device.

The next type of case iPad, the bag, which was traditionally used to carry laptops and netbooks. These cases will snap shut and offer better protection than a simple case. The bag has extra pockets for the storage of emergency equipment, such assuch as headphones and power supplies. These are sometimes made of leather and usually include straps to provide even more safety and mobility.

The application of a "skin" is another way to keep free from dirt and scratches iPad. Skins for iPads are thin films of colored vinyl, clinging tightly to your device. It will not be much, if iPad drop, but are an economical and stylish to provide some protection against the elements.

ButAnother type of case on the market today is the waterproof case or clamshell type. This type of case provides excellent protection against leaks and other incidents. The waterproof case IPAD is strong plastic trays that fit your neighbor's two-out all the liquid removed invasive. They also offer some protection if the device becomes a bit 'thrown around.

Finally, in many cases have built is good, that makes your right iPadCapable of displaying movies and other Web content. But whatever your choice, just make sure to provide the functionality appropriate to the amount and type of protection you think is best for your needs balance.

Friday, December 17, 2010

PKVM Episode One

An episode Parkour Video Magazine (free online version) DOWNLOAD Quicktime format! (It works on iPhone!) / / Some viewers have noted that in the first episode the best stereo sound (headphones IE) is considered. / / This exciting first episode Liv Rowlands and facilities ...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Apple iPhone as a book scanner and software Scouting Book

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There is an app on the iPhone, the software can take the place of scouting your PDA and scanner book book? Almost, it is still unclear, however, if there is a possibility there. So, do not cancel your subscription and book Scouting throw away your PDA yet. We hope that the day will come soon, if you can.

There are several applications for the iPhone, trying to replicate a notification by a scanner, a photo or video of a bar code and sends the price. I used all these applications anddo not work. You can work every 2 out of 10 cases and not worth buying - just a headache. This scanning applications often have problems with reading a barcode and information giving back, not all of booksellers.

Amazon has its own application if you have a picture of an object, email the info again - which is a bit 'slow when it is sold in a bookstore, but they are good if they are followed only buy from one of your books. You can use the image of a cover and AmazonE-mail of new information about the book.

SnapTell is another application that is good enough and how the Amazon app is free. SnapTell app works the same way as Amazon - Take a picture and gives information about the book.

If you have an iPhone, it is clear the capability is there to provide information for the application of a price, the basis for integration with database and provide Amazon Amazon Sales Rank Info, Book and conditions. At least the app that allowDownload the database and quickly find the information required by fisheries will always quote the ISBN numbers on the iPhone.

The camera of the new iPhone has been improved and I hope we are close to see, not possible for libraries to come to fruition.

The iPhone is not a book scanner yet, but it seems clear that the improved operating system and the camera is better, it will be a book on iPhone Scouter.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Apple iPhone contains 4 folders to organize all Apps

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The Apple iPhone contains 4 folders to store and organize all applications app without end, which can be downloaded from. His name is automatically categorized, and easily display the multi-touch applications that let you move the retina and then drag the desired applications are created in the folder. The new iPhone also features an impressive 5-megapixel main camera for photos and video, and offers new multi-tasking capabilities.

The phone provides manyfunctions seamlessly as a single touch on a contact name or number to initiate a call, but extends to the numbers in web pages, ads card or text messages. Meanwhile, Voice Control allows the user to a name or number to call. Calls can be merged or up to five callers with a touch.

The handset has combined messaging lets users text in a moment of thread-based interface also see different colored balloons to distinguish betweencontacts in the message. Besides text, you can easily add pictures and news. Meanwhile, the Mail application offers push e-mail account as POP, IMAP and SMTP, or alternatively provided by a third part devoted to applications of Yahoo Mail, Gmail and other providers.

IPhone 4 has a 5-megapixel main camera with LED flash to capture HD quality video at 30 frames per second and pictures in low light. MeanwhileThere is also a front camera especially developed and optimized for video calls that can be achieved by selecting the icon FaceTime when viewing a contact can be made. FaceTime offers advanced video calls to the user through the resolution of the new technology breathtaking view of the retina offers support and provides 326 pixels per inch screen resolution.

The phone is also a full music and video layer offers the user the possibility of more music, videos and movies from iTunes downloadwhich can be stored and looked back with the same fantastic vivid clarity of the display. Albums and tracks can be sorted into playlists and then all the user has the handset is to shake the shuffle.

The multitasking feature now makes it possible for multiple applications at the same time be used, offered, including third-party applications have this functionality through the IOS operating system on this laptop 4. In addition, the ability to multi-tasking is not on efficiencyor substantial impairment of the battery.

4 Apple's iPhone is the latest iPhone on the market and offers some fantastic new features and hardware, and the ability to bring all currently owned and the purchase of multiple applications. This is all in a new and robust design wrapped.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

impact review ipod

dit is mijn Apple iPod Touch stop op het maar om het Eind This will take you sorry Langer

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review iPad

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Every fan of Apple seriously interested in iPad Touch options should be considered, others an iPad 's built-in virtual keyboard. The Apple Wireless Keyboard Bluetooth Keyboard is the ideal alternative to the iPad 's virtual.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard uses the iPad 's built-in Bluetooth function to provide a voice attractive and simple experience for end users iPad, without being tied to your iPadDock. It 's also a substitute for the touch screen functionality with the native keyboard shortcuts.

Setting up the keyboard to work with your iPad is very simple. touch the power button on Apple Wireless keyboard on the right side of the keyboard until you see the green light. Then, go iPad As for your 's keyboard settings to match the Apple wireless Bluetooth. This is it!

Wireless Keyboard for Apple's Mac computers and IPAD agoalmost a quarter less space than the traditional keyboards, it is incredibly slim and lightweight design lightweight. The keyboard follows a minimalist style, but the trendy Apple. The keyboard is made of an aluminum housing, plastic, opaque white key and a back wall made of plastic. The aluminum casing makes it look elegant and subtle, but is very strong, suitable for all mobile machinery or embarrassing students. The top of the keyboard housing has raised circular cylinder two AA batteries. Thisalso has a pragmatic function, which houses the controls and user interfaces, providing a comfortable ergonomic angle of entry. Typing was comfortable for several hours and is comparable to our 15-tap? Macbook Pro wireless keyboard iPad reduced QWERTY keyboard, a directional pad and control buttons to skip tracks of the media. In addition, the keyboard function, the brightness of the display has, can change the volume, and a separate buttonwhich allows a rapid return to touch input. We see this as very worth buying if you have other Apple computers. This keyboard can be used on your Mac desktop or MacBook Pro

Product Features

* Anodized aluminum body
* Extended layout with document navigation controls, numeric keypad and special function keys
* Flat buttons
* Bluetooth
* Ultra-slim design

Technical Data

* Model Number: MC184LL / A
* System requirements:Bluetooth-enabled Mac, Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later and Aluminum Keyboard Software Update 2.0, existing keyboard and mouse for initial setup
* Interface: Bluetooth
* Power supply: 2 AA batteries (included)
* Warranty: 1 year warranty
What's in the box: Apple Wireless Keyboard and two AA batteries, printed documentation

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Jace Hall Show - Outtakes: Season 3 Episode 01 - Dolph on Sly (13/09/2010)

See the link just Click Here Jace Hall Show: Season 3 Episode 01 The Outtakes Jace Hall Show: Season 3 Episode 01 - Dolph on Sly (13/09/2010) Outtakes from Jace Hall Show! Jace Hall Show producer Roy Todd reports in Word, which was filled by each and Jace has a solution for hiring a new employee. Another problem arises when the guy smoking to end the show completely and turn the camera on and Jace Todd decides to change. Jace vs Ryan heads to the ChatDorkman video creators, but it gets much more than occasions for when he runs into his nemesis and burglar, Felicia Day Back in the office, Carl Weathers and Dolph Lungdren demand a rematch against Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago Jace is the man to make it happen. Jace also demonstrated heads, what it means to sit in a meeting on the development of Blizzard Entertainment. More Jack Hall, check out his website: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - Machinima Episode Twitter! Machinima Machinima Machinima Within respawn gaming entertainment, technology, culture machinima For more information, visit: gameplay FOR MORE, GO TO: . com Gameplay FOR OTHER SPORTS, GO TO: TRAILERS For more information, visit: MORE MMO & RPG gameplay, go to: Tags: yt: high quality = zero friends Alex Pardee Chadam, unreal Unreal 3 engine end Corey Olivia Munn...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Blue Van - There Goes My Love

There Goes My Love [One Up]

Apple iPod Touch Screen Multi-touch technology

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Apple continues its triumph in the electronic market with the introduction of the iPod touch. As always successful in this new product resulting from the house of Apple to maintain good will. E 'was created in 1997 with the introduction of the iPod, Apple is a revolution for the first time in the world of electronics. iPod is concentrated in the world of music devices, which has succeeded in creating a world record of its sales in the continents of America and Europe for a continuous sequenceDecade. To repeat the triumph, is back with the Apple iPod touch, the latest version of the iPod.

The most interesting feature of the iPod touch is that you can only download music from iTunes. E 'can easily with the help of Wi-Fi. -Inch widescreen display The iPod touch 3.5 with a hat help to watch movies with brilliant, and television shows. The bright high quality screen brings images to life with bright, vivid colors in 320 x 480Pixel display.

Another important feature is the revolutionary multi-touch interface. IPod touch with the same multi-touch screen technology that the iPhone came from. E 'possible to enlarge a photo. In addition, the user can scroll through songs and videos with a flick.

The next question that arises is automatically the contents of an iPod touch. The box with the iPod touch comes with earphones, USB 2.0 cable, dock adapter,Polishing cloth and stand. It also takes a stand and a quick start guide that makes it very useful to the user.

What everyone may need to develop an iPod touch. As the old iPod to Apple, this also requires a USB 2.0 port, iTunes 7.4, and Internet access. It would be better if the connection is broadband. What are you waiting for now? Heroes of the iPod Touch as soon as possible to have the best technology available.

Monday, December 6, 2010

COMO DESBLOQUEAR iPhone 2G FW 3.0 1 Party redsnow Downloads (Lima were NEZEZITAZ Azureus or para descargar FICHE Este) iPhone FW 3.0 the above link to download the second from the bottom. Boot Loader. BL BL-3.9 am-46 am

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mignon baby dinosaurs - jeux enfants ludoeducatifs waterfall

Jeux pour apprendre à compter sur, activités pour enfants Educatives Ludo de 3 à 7 ans. s'amusant en apprendre avec des jeux de lettres, ciphers, science, English horn, Coloriage, dessins, dinosaurs, ect ... Plus de 500 jeux gratuits jeux dont 50!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Chilla Frill - 4 iPhone Unboxing and Review

My full high-definition video unboxing and review of the new Apple iPhone 4! IPhone 4 has a new display 960 x 640, the processor front-A4-user conference in front of the camera, 5 mega pixel camera, video recording 720p HD, and more. If these new features are worth the price? Be careful and be sure to Sign Up! Follow me on Twitter for updates and news at: 4 and iPhone Unboxing iPhone Unboxing and Review Review 4 4 4 Unboxing iPhone and iPhone Review4 Review and Unboxing iPhone Unboxing and Review

Thursday, December 2, 2010

iPhone vs 4. IPhone 3G

4 other iPhone Video: Unboxing iPhone 4: FaceTime Demo: iPhone 4 Retina Display: 4 vs iPhone iPhone 3G iPhone vs 4. HTC EVO 4G buffalo techno: Follow me on Twitter InsideJonsMind: see how the new iPhone Apple 3G iPhone compared to the outgoing.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SUPER fingers glued together! (9.1.10 - Day 489)

Vote the new T-Shirt: Charles on Ping: Ping Add to Alli: "Hypno-dog" Go watch the new video at: AWESOME STUFF *** Other *** We're on Twitter (duhhhh) hehe: Join us on Facebook: Staff channel: to ignore music ******** ******************* Driftless Pony Club stuff charlestrippy CTFxC alli Zoey new iPod Marley: Our site Nano Nerds do it betterInternet TV ITV television killed girl gets tattoos tattoo girl sucks stupid stupid funny 21st birthday Roflcopter is hot for cute puppies hates FSU College shares Canon 7D dog hypno Apple iPhone Car crash repair hypnodog bands silly Bandz

Monday, November 29, 2010

iPhoto iPad

Video de l'application sur iPad iPhoto.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

will reduce the price - the lowest price guarantee on iPhone

Image :

Many of us have bought a new hi-tech iPhone for $ 600 and now the price is suddenly $ 399 to help with slow sales and hook all new customers before the new gPhone comes from Google? that's all I can say that the next time a premium hi-tech personal element comes from Apple, I'm waiting for the price a month or two later.

Of course, the excuse that they are cutting prices in time for the important holiday season, which is almost upon us. This is a hugelower prices would be and I knew it was probably waiting to save the $ 200.00 and that is exactly the response of many customers with whom we have spoken to Starbucks this afternoon. They feel abandoned by Apple Ink, and many of them have been revealed even the money, plus the principle of the thing.

When asked whether to pay the asking price before the next new high-tech products, they said, probably, maybe not, and was about 33% each. The question is: how do you think of this? I suppose ifThey wanted one, so now you're happy that it's $ 200 cheaper and if you bought a full price, a part of you says that the premium payable for the personnel on board high-tech, but it bothers up.

initial users of the technology always pay a premium, and bore the brunt of the costs of R & D. The Apple iPhone has been so successful that they have recovered the cost of new investment and can now mass-market and reduce them costs worldwide for the iPhone rushThe models are sold in the U.S., but it's the first iPhone adopters rather angry out there who feel betrayed, as its status. Sincerely, Lance.

Friday, November 26, 2010

IPod nano - iPod More Than Just Little Brother

Image :

If you think an iPod nano, it is likely that you think, "Oh, this is the device that you get when you wish you had enough money for an iPod, but you just can not man. IPod nano is the poor." People tend to think of iPod Nanos toy version of an adult is really carried out by junior high are all the steps of the children and none of the sophisticated features of the "real thing" - that is a model of the original iPod.

Well, nothingcould be further from the truth!

The current generation of iPod nano are sweet, colorful, elegant, and - most interesting - powerful.

Like most iPods, and like the nano before them, work with Click Wheel Navigation. This is not a surprise. But the new features. First, have a color display technology that integrates with Apple's Cover Flow. This is what you can look at the album cover while listening to your songs. You can alsoup to 7,000 of your photos in this little device.

However, the colors are not lifting it clear of the Nanos, which preceded it. Here's what it means - video. One battery charge allows you to display up to five hours of video on iPod nano. special music from Apple / Video Superstore - iTunes - you can enjoy movies, TV shows and music videos and watch them all on the bright display (in terms of more pixels per inch) than any Apple display. Always.

iPodNanos people have come in person and actually prefer their more colorful and compact design of the original iPod.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Download Free iPod Movie

Image :

Since it takes the market, the iPod has grown in popularity is the first a. As the popularity of iPods continues instance, an increase in demand for people to download movies to iPod for free. Many people have the Internet in search of free movies on their iPod on the download.

In fact, there are a lot of sites on the Internet, the iPod will download movies to iPod for free, and many of them can also downloadFiles such as music, TV shows, videos, software, electronic books, games and much more. However, there are three basic options that is available for download from your iPod to your movies for free.

1. Freebie Site

These sites are often loaded with big flashy banner and you will probably have a lot of smiley faces keep popping up on your screen as you download. Although these types of sites you can download movies for free downloadnever pay a fee. You will end up paying in the long run, as will be seen then the computer with spyware and viruses, instead of being taken. The download speeds are incredibly slow and it takes forever to load a file.

2. monthly subscription sites that claim to be free

Sorry to say, however, that they are free because they are not. What they do is draw them on, they must pay a monthly fee for membership or you end up paying forany movies that you download from the site.

3. One time Lifetime Fee

This is probably the best way in which your iPod to watch more movies. These sites will be invited to pay a fee of about $ 40 about life. Then, when you can start after you store the movies you want and they are all free.

So if you are considering, then download and watch movies for free iPods to those listed above. Surely the best option is number 3, which allowsAll your favorite movies for free, without breaking the bank or the possibility of your PC always destroyed by some spyware stray. So why not visit a Web site, today and start six, download free iPod movies you like, you can find, no matter.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HTC vs iPhone 4G EVO 4 - Smartphone Smackdown!

4 other iPhone Video: Unboxing iPhone 4: FaceTime Demo: iPhone 4 Retina Display: 4 vs iPhone iPhone 3G iPhone vs 4. HTC EVO 4G: techno buffalo Follow me on Twitter

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Circuito integrado: Apple Keynote - iPod Touch

Saturday, November 20, 2010

antic fun - without charging Pictures / Photo Booth

People get into a cell picture to the pictures, but must follow the instructions funny. because the voice of the people confuse fun shoot. It 's funny! Fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

iPad Versus Kindle - eReader Which one is right for you?

Image :

The last years have been an interesting time for readers of books. We have seen a number of devices eReader issued by companies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Sony. Now that the iPad was released, is another important player eReader entered the market.

Ultimately, the choice of an eReader is a matter of personal taste. All devices have advantages and disadvantages. This article is a look at some of the differences between Kindle and Apple Amzon> IPad.

1. Color Vs. In black and white

While the Kindle uses E Ink display of black and white, iPad uses a full color LCD screen. The E-ink display is easy on your eyes. However iPad display is certainly the most attractive. It 'also for the authors of extras in their books, which would never have been possible with a Kindle. One might expect, exclusive interviews, and writing an interactive color map of Middle EarthEarth, if you read The Lord of the Rings.

2. Battery life

One thing that has contributed to criticism of the iPad is its long battery life. You can use the device for up to ten hours at a time when in use. While this is good enough, the Kindle's battery life is even better. The Kindle, a battery charger for up to 2 weeks to maintain until the wireless connection is disabled. Ten hours will probably be a lot of battery juice, provided it is freeevery night, but if it breaks often at the Web, the Kindle may be the best choice.

eBook selection: count the number

This has always been eReader perhaps the most important factor in one. If you do not have access to read the book you want, and what is the point that an eReader? This is also the main reason that the Kindle has been the number one state. After all, Amazon is the world's No. 1 bookseller, it is natural that they wouldthe largest selection of books for the Kindle. However iPad book selection is virtually guaranteed to exceed the Kindle. The reason is that in 2009, has developed an Amazon Kindle App for Apple. This application allows access to the Kindle Store and download books directly onto your iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad. Not only access to users IPad Kindle store, but also have access to the new Apple iBookstore. If a user can not find iPadiBookstore book you want in, you can simply pass the Kindle Store to find you. Kindle users do not have that luxury.

eBook Price: deals and steals

For the same reason mentioned above, the user iPad always able to book the best price. While users Kindle user directory forced to pay the price that Amazon offers iPad can store price comparison between the two. The App Store also allows you to download for free, the optionnot to save the Amazon.

Weight: bring along your eBook

The Kindle wins this easily. An iPad many users have noted that the unit is heavier than he expected. While much of this can be attributed to the quality of the equipment, the fact that the arms and hands can increase property is 1.5 pounds in front of you tired for a long time. The Kindle weighs less than half what the iPad, and is much more weight comparable to a pocket dimension.

Conclusion: The best selection eReader

While there are advantages and disadvantages of each device, each user, to decide the priorities for their needs, which device is best for them. Overall, the iPad is probably a better value for most readers. Battery life is not a big problem, and the price of the book and the selection is an important factor for the serious reader. Moreover, while the Kindle is a reader of books on the> IPad is a complete multimedia device for entertainment, where users, applications can watch videos, go to search the entire Internet.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

IPhone Skin: a useful element of the iPhone

Image :

iPhone was launched in 2008 by the founding of Apple in July. iPhone is the latest in mobile phone market. You have a class, and are also expensive. The series is the latest model of iPhone mobile phones iPhone 4 with many unique applications and functions, the other cell. Iphone 4 of the fourth generation of the Apple iPhone and a descendant of the iPhone 3G.

If you recently bought> IPhone and joined the club of proud owners of iPhone, so the journey has just begun. A key factor is the choice of experience and buy a wide range of iPhone accessories to complement your Apple iPhone experience. His cover a wide range of features and accessories for applications ranging from protecting the gadget to significant damage the new features and looks to add.

Skins iPhone are among the most important Accessories included in the family of the Apple iPhone. Skins for the iPhone are specially designed for the ultimate inspiration iPhone every time. Skins generally available in traditional colors of black iPhone, as dark gray. These colors give a simple and professional look to your iPhone. But this is not the end, the skins are available in various designs and vibrant colors, cool and refreshing look to give the> IPhone, because these skins are designed to inspire fun for iPhone users with lots of style. The material is used for skin smooth and strong to protect your phone.

Each time you change the skin of your iPhone always has a new look and never let you feel that your phone is old and boring. It also protects the device from external influences such as dust, dirt, moisture, scratches and damage, if it falls. Despite having aSkin on the iPhone, you can easily access the side and buttons, navigation screen, camera, ear phone jack and the charger through its cutouts.
Together with the pre-made skins can be tailor-made iPhone also create your own skin for her. You can put your favorite photo, text, or anything of your choice. There are many online stores as Wrappz providing this opportunity for individual skins, along with the variety of quality pre-made skins and other accessories. Check outthe variety of iPhone skins and other accessories, and select the best iPhone give a new look to your.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tom says - Me And My Guitar (Belgium)

Powered by says Tom will represent Belgium with the song Me And My Guitar € Vision Song Contest 2010 in Oslo (Norway), held on 25, 27 and May 29 it is his thinking, twenty years, Tom has worked on his music. He began his musical career in music school, but soon realized he wanted something else. He taught himself to play guitar and wrote his first song at the age of twelve. Tom started at the age of fifteen yearshis band, the nuts. This name survives today as a pseudonym of Tom. Tom has always had a special relationship with his fans. Already well known in his home region, was one of his local fans to listen to him, the Belgian edition talent show X Factor in 2008. Tom says not only do the show, thanks to his voice and his never ending support fanss he survived eleven all live TV, and finished second. In June of that year, Tom released his first single, aacoustic version of Leona Lewis Bleeding Love. The single was an instant success in the Belgian charts.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

IPad Killer - An overview of major competitors iPad

Image :

So you are drinking coffee, reading email, writing, document design and presentation. Then you realize that you have a deadline and can not be tied to the computer. to do with three projects for the next day, what will you do? Now imagine mobile computing, of course. He heard Tablet iPad. He heard on devices other than the "killer iPad." Now what do you want? This article is the comparison to its main iPadCompetitors

IPad. If you read this, you probably already know what are the specifications of the iPad. The iPad is a 9.7-inch LCD touch-screen multi, has the processing power to play HDTV video is quite intuitive enough for you to make documents or presentations using iWork. There are two main criticisms, however: Multitasking and a proprietary operating system. A proprietary operating system means that you can not install what you want on your iPad. L 'The software must first be approved by Apple. While this is advantageous for safety reasons, may limit some users. Multitasking may be missing is a remedy and poison - The second criticism. Without multitasking, you can have only one application at a time - this means that you have no distractions. However, if you have a relationship with the command, and then have to check some facts with Safari, first understand iWork, launch Safari, Safari and then close and reopen, have iWork. A tedious process. Althoughthis has not been officially announced, it is said that iPhoneOS 4.0 will support multi-tasking.

HP Slate. HP iPad Slate will be priced just below that. It will have an Atom CPU, Flash support, USB connectivity, a memory card reader and a rear-mounted camera. The main complaint against HP Slate is that with Windows 7 on a touch screen device. All tablets are being other software that is optimized forcontact, even HP with Windows 7 not expect the response lag interface controls and buggy programs. If you are looking for raw power, then the list are the HP to go, but you should get more bang for the buck of a netbook. And how can HP Slate optimized for touch, you should be smarter to go for a netbook

The term ink Adam. Entry Tablet PC market in India. A much cheaper alternative to HP schist and the iPad. The Adam has a bigger screenthen used the iPad, a pixel-sceen Qi (-color ink e)) will be released Tegra2 driven by a chip (1080p, a camera pan, pad is on a remote and is powered by Android. If you can not afford it This device gives you the bang for the buck iPad. The touch screen and the trackpad is a combination of intuitive. Apparently the explanation for the trackpad is easier to browse the Internet. It would be the quality of the browser to think, if you need a trackpadcreate a positive experience. When I view the concept of ink Adam, I can not help but feel that this is software quality "economic." If you want a good GUI functionality to any cost, go for the Adam. However, if you want a high quality software and hardware - I'd recommend the IPAD

Il Corriere di Microsoft. I think the best fight for the tablet device, contention, and symbolic, between Microsoft and Apple. Currently, the only Microsoft CourierPrototype, but a video was leaked to demonstrate their abilities. The Courier is a dual-screen concept. In just 5x7 closed. No detail is known only that the Messenger is built on Tegra 2 and runs on Microsoft Windows CE 6 is focused on mobility. I can not recommend this product at this time is not known in detail. But keep an eye on these people is a major competitor of the iPad

If you go with the quality of Apple, but somethingundersized revolutionary device? HP Power House is running the wrong operating system? Ink-term cheaper alternative for mobile computing? Ø Microsoft Courier mysterious? Time will tell. Or rather, the consumer.

Friday, November 12, 2010

iPhone Media Downloads - Easy Ways To Keep Your iPhone Happy

Image :

As the proud owner of an iPhone, you know very well the pleasure of seeing the hot movies right on your iPhone. To listen to the music is electrifying emotion iPhone pale in comparison to the thrill to watch the music video on your full length . For me I like to play the latest games on your mobile device. Conclusions: This amazing device can fill 18 hours 24 hours a day with a lot of fun and frolic.

But the hardware of the iPhone not only can all these thingsfor you. For fun magic boot of the car that you need to get the iPhone movies are filled with all the latest software, music and warm.

Many boys and girls after their iPhone to keep buying new media for several weeks and then pay about $ 1 for each download is quite high and they stop buying new goodies and keep up with their iPhone as a mobile standard . What a huge waste!

But there is a way, as you cana lot of software, movies, music, TV shows and e-books for your iPhone as you like without having to pay money to download the base. In fact, there are online services where you sign up for life, paying a one time fee (usually less than $ 50). And you let what you want from their diet of millions of movies, music, games and software downloads.

There are many benefits you get when you subscribe to these services:

You with the choice of millions ofFiles, which means unlimited hours of fun at your fingertips. You do not have to worry about money for media, find that they are in it.

But there are some things you should look for when registering for these types of services.

First, in reality, how good their collection. Attention, not the size collection, which is actually the issues of quality of the collection of the most important factor.

How powerful is their server. It 'important because its impact onThe download speed. Surely you do not like spending hours uploading files.

Whether it's providing the advanced search feature. To get hold of music or a movie, you need the ability to search its database easily and efficiently.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Felicia Day & Ubisoft (Prince of Persia)

Prince of Persia (Ubisoft) and Felicia Day from the guild. Jace race producer Todd Roy yellow Corvette I-5 on the Ubisoft Prince of Persia launch party. Become Jace understanding of the battle between marketing and production. A few tickets later in Los Angeles is pwned by Jace Felicia Day of The Guild. My limbs are bigger than yours. The Jace Hall Show taps its host connections only for the video game industry and the cinema, Hollywood polish geekiness player. L 'Show mixes exclusive behind the scenes of game developers with one of-a-kind interviews where actors, musicians and athletes talk about their favorite games. tags: Crackle own MMORPG Games Jace Hall Felicia Day Ubisoft Prince of Persia the guild mediocre film by Kim Evey Geoff Keighley game trailers, TV Todd Roy Corvette Racing Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tony Key Elika Jade Raymond Ben Mattes profession Jordan Assassins Creed iPhone instincts had film

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Free Apple iPad - Order now for free!

Image :

Want a free Apple iPad for nothing? It can really free or iPad is a total fraud? As one of the hottest gadgets of 2010 and is sure there is success in the coming years with its elegant design and continue the powerful functionality.

Are you surprised to be one of the most sought after gadgets from the original release of the iPod then you will know that you can make your iPad, wait for free! Many questionThe authenticity of that statement gives you free gifts, while others are the latest technological gadgets to keep up with here at home without additional costs. You see, the electronics companies like Apple and other leading manufacturers, normal people like you and me, we test the products and in return you get to keep what you send is completely free. Awesome right? With Apple, a large company that can afford to lose a few million dollars, provided they obtain theFeedback they need.

A fraud or is it?

Unfortunately, there are many scams that require iPad refer people to build apple certain amount of credit before the complaint is free. Not all companies are scams, however, and when you take the time to look at is actually offers some seriously, when everyone there is an Apple iPad free and learn how to keep the best!

Think about it, you can keep yourApple released per minute without paying a penny iPad not that sound great?

Monday, November 8, 2010

How do I move music from my iPod in iTunes?

Image :

Okay, we have all been for the fact that if you have a favorite song and go on your iPod to move to our drive so we can listen to our PC to get it off. You try to simply drag and drop back to iTunes, but this does not seem to work, try all sorts of other things I do not understand how I move my music from iPod to iTunes. So for anyone out there who wants to know how you can use the iPod music from iTunes to keep reading below I'll show you exactly howAs ...

Apple can not use the iPod to transfer music from iTunes because of the strict privacy and copyrights, which prevent them from doing so. Therefore, for the iPod, you get your music and your PC, you must return in order to download the appropriate software allows you to do it.

These programs are often known as computer programs for the iPod and most of the work programs, like iTunes, but they come with the added advantage that the transmissionThe music files between computer and iPod users.

Then pull the iPod from the iTunes music all you have to do is download a legitimate program your computer to iPod, transfer the songs you put on your computer and then just play through iTunes. Many programs come with a music player so you can basically need a program for all your music ...

Therefore, for all you iPod users out there wondering how I moveMusic from my iPod in iTunes then you go ahead and download a proper iPod transfer computer program and are ready to go. Cucusoft iPod to your computer, you could use a particular program, is free to download and very easy to use, visit the link below to download ...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

To Download iPod Video Online

Image :

Fifth generation iPod owners can download movies for iPod online today. The new iPods are no longer just for music and games only. Improved with the renovation, you can now do a search to find a way and to locate, download online movies for your iPod. But before to inspire, there are things you need to know when downloading and playing iPod movies on your iPod. This article will guide you step by stepLearn how to download iPod movies online to play.

Once you start looking for these sites to download it is important to remember that you must download the situation is and then start playing the movie on your iPod immediately. You must first download and install special software, which we actually convert the movies into a format that your iPod is in the grip of the situation.

Sad to say, some software companies really wantPart with your hard earned money to get a piece of software for file conversion. There are ways that you can download and then convert the movies that you can play for free instead of your iPod. The following is, we will see what is needed to achieve this goal.

Step 1 to download movies online for iPod

First, you need the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC, it's easy to do, as you can go directly to the Apple Web site andget it. All you have to do is go to and read what are the minimum system requirements. Once done, you can download and install on your PC. The installer must take a step by step guide which will be in the process of installation.

Step 2 to download movies online for iPod

Now that you have iTunes installed on your PC, the next movie file that you want to download the transferon your iPod in the iTunes directory. This is already taking people, those who want to download or who have already downloaded. However, if you have films that were not downloaded, then go to the websites of one of the famous movie and start downloading the movies you want for your iPod. After the download is complete, you must submit a new created on your computer and are called. Mov. All you have to do is drag the file and theniTunes video library on your PC.

Step 3: Download iPod Video Online

Once in the video library, a thumbnail image is displayed on the screen and if there is more of a movie to see this library, see a thumbnail for each movie. Just click on the chosen movie file and then your menu will appear in front of and next to select the command that says "Convert Selection for iPod".

Step 4 for iPod Video DownloadOnline

We're almost done here, the process of downloading movies online for iPod and then to make sure the video format is compatible with the iPod. Until now, if you follow the instructions, it should be easy enough for you. After all, the conversion is complete, you must connect your iPod to your computer and then do a direct transfer of movies to your iPod from your computer.

That is all. All you need is4 easy steps to download movies for your iPod net. At this point you might be interested to know where to download movies without paying tons nose through your iPod. If so, find more of my blog where you can download iPod movies iPod online instantly for pennies.

The content of this article is for educational and illustrative purposes only, and is made available in any way with Apple iTune, or any entity or associateA subsidiary of Apple. This article may be reprinted in its entirety or in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website. The author's name, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction.

Friday, November 5, 2010

iPad abracadabra sub: D

iPad MAGIC topic: next-generation communications Hello, my name is Shinya, and I am a magician. Throughout history we have always invent ways to communicate. The history of mankind is a history of communication. One of the oldest ways of communication known to history ... is a smoke signal. According to the invention, a smoke signal ... we came to characters. Methods of recording signs and communicate with others ... is a book. After the books, we thought, how to record room ... theleads to a photo. Today we can communicate through videos and mobile phones. Well, what are the next generation of communication? Imagine, warping from place to place. Warping a person could be a bit 'hard ... But an animal might work. Interested in time travel? Maybe you can send your milk in the fridge one month before, so do not wait for your cheese. Or you can send your x-ray with the doctor. You may be able to communicate, throughwatched by other thoughts. Instead of shopping online, you may be able to try it in motion. Booyah! In addition, you may be able to withdraw money without an ATM. Excuse me, I post. He is my friend Daigo, a great artist. It 'appeared on television a lot recently so maybe you know him. You can bend a fork in a short time. See? Is not it great? Thanks, Daigo. Today there are many ways to communicate. However, we never stop to reinvent itself for new ways to do this...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

LATE NIGHT SHOW BAND (05:29:10 - day 394)

Download our FREE iPhone / iPod our Website & Shirt: ***** ***** FOLLOW U.S. on Facebook Twitter: Youtube: YouTube. com youtube. com Daily Booth: Blippy: new ********************************** * Intro & Animation outtro from:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Back Iceland Makin iPod Version

The true story of the recovery of 19 U.S. Marines killed in action on Makin Island during World War II and their return home to Arlington National Cemetery 58 years later. History: Pat Mendoza. Music arranged by Pat Mendoza Trumpet: Steve Wiest. Singers: The Islanders and Pat Mendoza For information about one hour of video

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chilla Frill - Apple iPad Review (Journal)

full review of the newly released Apple iPad! This is their latest entry into the Tablet and mobile computing market, with a 9.7-inch touch screen display and a 1 GHz processor A4 Custom Apple. Its price will be moderately high value of money? Be careful and be sure to Sign Up! Follow me on Twitter for updates and news at: Unboxing Review Apple iPad First Look Hands-On Hands On video, I thought Steve Jobs Keynote touched Tablet commercial preview3G AT & T WiFi

Saturday, October 30, 2010

How to install themes KOI2281 (NO SSH)

Installing themes

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apple Keynote 1983-l 'introduction "1984" Ad

Here we see Steve Jobs at a keynote in 1983 showing for the first time the famous spot "1984" by Ridley Scott to an exclusive audience. The spot was broadcast on television shortly afterwards only once during the Super Bowl in 1984 and never again 'is considered one of the greatest ads ever shown.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

15 best iPhone apps for your iPhone

Image :

The next best is of course an iPhone is an iPhone application. No matter which mobile operating system, you can image is the fact remains that no other applications for iPhone OS in abundance, like those of A. The famous AppStore is a huge treasure of a huge number of applications for the iPhone. There are so many of them, is the user to select the best among them is difficult. It is estimated that there are more than 350The applications are added daily. To simply things, we have short-listed 15 cool iPhone applications that you choose is sure to be a hit with.

Facebook: Facebook for iPhone is easy to stay connected and the first place to exchange information with people on these giants of social networking a. With this application for the iPhone, you can make Facebook Chat, check with status updates, please post your status, upload photos etc. API: API is aMobile browser for iPhone helps you in touch with Twitter to what happens in real time. Amazon Mobile: This application allows you to Amazon Mobile iPhone, iPod and iTouch users to shop Amazon, when you travel. Compare reading, prices, reviews, shop and buy everything you want to look through this simple interface. Purchases that are mobile from Amazon using the secure server of the site also. Evernote:Evernote is a must-have application as it serves to remind very reliable, you can see ideas of things to take pictures and put them on Evernote and even sync them with Windows or Mac Google Earth .. There are very few people who are not from Google Earth are curious, you can go all over the world, watch and see what happens with aerial photographs and satellite images worldwide by Google Earth available for download, you have an application Google Mobile App ... and enjoy:You can Google Search with your voice and position. You can submit your questions with different emphases, such as British English, American English, or those with Indian, Australian accents, etc. It also supports Japanese and Chinese research of spoken language. Fring: This is also a must-have application for the iPhone, with the winner of the award application, you can create a profile, all IM chats in Google Talk, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. through the central, or you can use the video for free calls and free calls.Skype: After you install Skype, you can call any Skype or SMS for free. You can also send SMS or call any landline or mobile worldwide at affordable prices. Epicurious: A treat for all gourmets to sample from more than 28,000 meals and recipes from restaurants and culinary experts around the world. listening to more than five million songs and leave their personal radio stations by genre and artist. A gift for all music lovers!Hey where are you? This is a new location-based iPhone application that you can keep track of family, friends and colleagues wherever they are. Another must-have safe application. Read It Later: Read It Later you save websites for later, when there is no Internet connection. It can be especially useful if you want to read it while traveling, waiting for someone or simply when you want something interesting to read. Yelp: You can search forShops, restaurants, hotels, pubs, joints relax, spa, movie theater and what grabs your fancy at the local level of this application. Mobile World News: Stay in touch with what's happening around the world through this application, this application by the BBC. Photoshop Mobile: Cut editing and sharing photos and pictures of this amazing application without actually wasting your area of mobile telephony.

Monday, October 25, 2010

iPad Today 12: Games of Physics, Fraser Speirs, VLC & ZumoCast!

Host: (Hey, it's science) Leo Laporte, Sarah Lane Explains gambling iPad applications with Leo and Sarah physics colleague Fraser Speirs of Connected Flow speak to us first class project in the world in our rule that more iPad app Both caps pirates and abides by the law! Or download this show on bring you up to date, sending a voice message at 757-504-IPAD (757-504-4723) or e-mail to We invite you to subscribe to read iPad , add, change, and ourShow Notes. Thanks for the bandwidth for this show Cachefly.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

iPad for photographers

Image :

The Apple iPad is the latest must have gadget and I personally have found that, there will be a very useful tool for photographers, we were using to display portraits of customers like us, then making it feel more personal laptops or a lot to provide the hard sell with a big screen. With the iPad you can sit with the family photo in his hands and held it touch on the following images as if you were flipping through a traditionalAlbums can but with the added value, free enlarge specific areas so that they are happy the shots. We found not only that this is an extremely easy to show our portfolio, but we also found that our customers have enjoyed really handle it.

The iPad is much more than just a photo viewer is also ideal for storing photos while traveling. With the optional set the camera connector, you can easily connect the camera to upload yourImages when the memory card is full, and then take shots. Or if you prefer to work without wires, there is an application called "Shutter Snitch." All you need is the Wi-Fi capabilities of your camera as an Eye-Fi card and the images are received by you will be automatically transferred dell'iPad sharp 9.7-inch bright screen. Shutter Snitch detects the shutter speed, lighting, focal length, aperture and ISO. Can for each of these warnings so that the iPadThey automatically tell you if any of them do not match the rules that you entered. This is a very useful tool to have when on a busy photo shoot because you know immediately if the images are from a technical sense in which they are established you.

The iPad is a position where you want to fly and some basic image editing. We found a very clever program called "Photo genes. This way you can so some of the most useful photo editingwhile you are still in place, such as sharpening, color adjustment or layers, applying filters, cropping, straightening and even the addition of elements such as frames and cartoons, funny photos, which can be uploaded directly to Facebook or Twitter to create.

The iPad is a 9.7 inches, weighs about a pound and a half to arrive, 32GB 64GB and 16GB models. With a battery life of up to 10 hours there is no need to carry around the connector and cable, makes a smalland to carry versatile piece kit.

Overall we can say that the photographer iPad is a useful tool for everyone, and whether to download the images you want when you click on the path to display photos with the client or to make some major changes to the images to make them better. We would definitely recommend to all and we will continue our iPad a fully exploit them.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Free iPod Touch 4G give away!

Here is my official giveaway for the new iTouch 4g! thanks for all my subscribers! This contest is only for my subscribers! But you can also subscribe me to enter! Official Rules: my post-iunboxandreview4u channel register to comment on this video: "I want to win 4g iTouch" or something like that! But every time the comment on another topic, so you will not be marked as spam! and get a better chance to publish more comments! Add me as a friend on my channelThis video favorites and give it a thumbs up --- Important --- Video Comments will be marked as spam does not count, so make sure you change the format of your comments. If your previous comment is flagged as spam to be sure to delete it! Every comment you must be different! Tthe Even more comments you leave, the better. Good luck! FAQ: It's an international giveaway? YES! 2. And 'again? Yes, indeed! -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- extraTags: Apple iPod Nano Touch iPhone 2G 3G 4G 13-inch MacBook mac post real quick check Unboxing iPod 4G iPod 4G Photo Quality Test HDR Touch "face time" Video Calling Hands-On Hands on demonstration FaceTime Steve Jobs called the new iPod Touch Apple's fourth generation of live event on 1 September took over. It has a 960x640 display, IPS, 1 GHz processor with Apple A4 Graphics PowerVR SGX 540, 512 MB of RAM, dual camera (the back camera supports video recording 720p...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

iOS 4.1 in 10 Account - Video TiPb Quick Start Guide All that the fall of about 4.1 new features iOS update in 10 minutes. If you are happy to bring iOS 4.1 up and running, start here.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alternative iPhone - iPhone Rivals

Image :

A group called iPhone Killers debuted at the details of the IFA consumer electronics show in Germany recently, hoping to get a piece of initiation of the large market share iPad, has sold 3 million units since its launch more than in April, e. Hoping to bridge the gap between smartphones and netbooks, hardware manufacturers are improving their rivals tablets with a number of functions and applications, and is the first four of the most promising devices expectedDirectly compete with the iPhone. These devices are expected later in the local market this year.

Toshiba Libretto Folio W100
Toshiba is launching another tablet from Android 2.2 Storage times this year. Its 10.1 inch screen is slightly larger than Apple's iPad and is only available in 3G or WiFi WiFi Plus available. It has 16 GB of memory, a 1.3 megapixel webcam, and guided by the new generation of Nvidia Tegra 2. It has 2 USB slots, an SD Card slot, HDMI connections for TV andhas stereo speakers. local availability and price is not yet available, but Toshiba has recently published similar modem sales $ 1,599 in Australia. The Toshiba Libretto Folio W100 is an improved version should be cheaper, though.

Samsung Galaxy Tab
The Galaxy Tab Samsung is a stunning smartphone operating system, Google Android 2.2 Run. The 7-inch device is very convenient as working as a mobile phone will be available first. It 'more compact, lighter and smalleriPhone. Support Flash 10.1 with 16GB to 32GB of RAM and flexible front-facing camera in 3.2 and 1.2 megapixels. The Samsung Galaxy have access to Android Market applications.

Dell Streak
As a leading computer manufacturers, Dell does not lag behind. The Streak is Dell's smallest Samsung Galaxy of only 5 inches, slightly larger than normal mobile phone. It has a 1 GHz processor, a 16 GB microSD memory card and5-megapixel digital camera with a flash on the back. Dell Streak is no support for Flash and uses the old version of Android resulting restrictions on the implementation of new Android applications.

Blackberry Storm 2
Only one of the leading smart phone and droids, BlackBerry Storm 2 is the latest generation of tablet that could compete with the iPhone. Its features have remained the same, but the improvements are more efficient. There are no specific data, but expect that the consumerimproved performance and flexible utility.

The above lists are only a small fraction of the iPhone competitors. Consumers are always opportunities to choose which of these devices are given for their needs. However, the favorite of most iPhone users.

Monday, October 18, 2010

LIQUID TEAM EPIC FFA - Part 1 / 3 - StarCraft 2

With liquid Heosat Team and for making this possible! Interview with the winners! Map: Toxic slums ** ** Huk Player (Pink) Protoss LiquidJinro (Yellow) Terran Heosat (light pink) Zerg TheLittleOne (purple) Terran Nony (Light Blue) ret Protoss (orange) Zerg Nazgul (Red) Protoss

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The best car chase movie - Bullitt 1968

Probably the film's best and most realistic hunting. Steve McQueen in Bullitt Frank. Ford Mustang GT vs Dodge Charger 440 R / T.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cool iPad Cases and covers a good price

Image :

The iPad net the best device can be used to navigate. Surf the net, watch your favorite photos, videos and much more interesting part of this amazing device. Do you plan to buy the Apple iPad soon? So I think that you should not hesitate to buy a case iPad.

Basically, your case iPad is a simple device to protect your capital. Even if this is true can also cover iPad how to improve the usability of your iPad.

It will decide the design of the course you choose which case and cover for your iPad. IPad What is the best case for you? The iPad is not yet available, but thousands of cases and covers templates already made for the new Apple products. Decide what color you want your case to have, and what design. But not all! Not at all! Because of the many hot apple> Accessories IPad there will also be able to select the material they are your accessory. Everything from wood to titanium. Maybe a plastic interesting? Flexible rubber? Or maybe aluminum? What is it?

Some of the designs may be more people use their iPad. The best covers iPad iPad can design that perfect eBook reader through smarter. You could also buy two cases. It could be forTours & Travel, and the other for use in the office.

You may also be interested in a very strange model. Imagine a case would be in the form of a plane or event that they are frightened to death in the morning, because it seems to be a ferocious tiger. (Do not worry, strange designs can go very far, actually getting pretty creepy)

Why not buy your iPad as quickly as possible, please be sure that you want to buy even if the iPad has not yet been published inYour town. If you really want your iPad your accessories are as important as the equipment and help to develop your iPad its potential.

You should also remember to buy some kind of tool to make your iPad. There could be a suitcase, or perhaps a backpack. In both cases, enjoy your visit with the new iPad!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

À faire croire que son en est ou de restoration approach iTouch iPhone!

Comment faire à vos amis ou firmware à croire que votre Quelqu'un iPod Touch iPhone jailbreak ou sous le 3.0 ou plus, est en mode de restoration! Application: iBroken Amicalement, iPodTouchisapro Cydia Source:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ipod nano-Chromatique

Views du Nouvel iPod nano guidée

Sunday, October 10, 2010

iPad Protection is Crucial

Image :

The iPad is released and consumers are excited to be in the hands of this new unit. The iPad is a device between a phone and a laptop computer and is regarded as revolutionary. consumer review of this unit are waiting to replace books, magazines, paper, books and other digital media is not carrying with them from now on s small, portable digital pad can read. The problem is that the iPad, people will be traveling anywhere, with is more susceptible to wear. The key to maintaining iPad well protected and a sleek design with its beautiful appearance for them with good quality screen protectors and cases.

The cases are extremely important for the new iPad. Consumers are slim case to hold the device in good and looking slim look. Many companies offer similar cases laptop cases and bulky in appearance. This contradicts the idea of owning a > IPad vs a laptop. Slim is better. Silicone (rubber), the cases have been adopted for optimal protection against everyday use they are. Why buy when you iPad still wear a big bulky case. Consumers want to be able to in foil pouches and bags, or existing. Good quality silicone cases iPad seem to be the first choice for. There is a company called Geeks accessories, specializing in silicone cases at low cost.

The silicone> IPad Case protects the body, but was also advised to buy a sort of invisible screen protector. Do not buy a good screen protector. These screen protectors will do nothing for the consumer, except to make the screen look worse. I bought the cheap screen protectors and I could not even on my iPod. I went to a local Best Buy and bought a good screen protector for my iPod Touch and it was easy to hold and looks good. I spent quite a bit 'more aboutbetter protection for the quality, but it was worth it.

There are many companies that offer screen protectors for the iPad but few companies have the prices of the products with good quality decent. One is primarily a company called ZAGG. Do you have a screen protector called Invisible Shield, and there are many trials, the effectiveness of the quality of their products. One of the demonstrations of the product shows an electric sander will grind the scratch plate.Another demonstration showed a broken iPod (with Invisible Shield) in a jar full of screws, nails, screws, and the sky. The iPod has no scratches (of course the iPod and protected with a silicone case) accepted. A final demo was a person of a button one tried scratching the Invisible Shield iPod. Of course, scratching. These demonstrations have been very convincing, and increase customer reviews, also, that the ZAGG is a good product and is highly recommended forYour new iPad.

visit for more information and demonstrations on screen protectors;

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New iPod nano 4G - Fourth Generation Technology

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The new 4G iPod Touch should arrive very soon, maybe today. Although the data were only rumors before, but you never know when is coming to your site. This unit will be resolved within the next few hours. It is expected that this new iPod 4G 4 shares some of the features of the iPhone. It can be equipped with two cameras and display of the retina. To put it in storage requirements of 32 GB. Is believed to be a Design Verification TestDVT, or from Apple.

4G iPod Touch specific

4G is expected to 4, some key features of the iPhone. It is said that this device would be A4 with the new processor technology. Will be taken as a 5 megapixel camera, sharp images with each image. video capacity is very clear in it. 4 G iPod touch accelerometer and gyroscope could feature. There are more gaming performance in the type of Media player device used by this new technology savvy. 4G iPod all other connections such as Wi-Fi, GPRS / EDGE system in it. It gives you a good memory for internal and external storage. To listen to music, there is an audio jack. To have good touch, iPod 4G specifications that make it more happy than when purchasing the device.

Apple iPod Touch 4

This would be the fourth-generation phone from Apple, and all pending> IPod 4G. 4 Apple's iPod is the first Apple iPod, the camera's on the front with a function. Enjoy face-to-time video calls with family and friends. If you are a music lover, this is certainly your musical tastes. This new iPod touch, 4 is not just the latest generation of Apple, but also the iPod Nano-generation device 6. The designers have also proposed that the new iPod Nano with 6, 30-pin dock connector. InThis is an accessory for all the support for the existing iPod.

4G iPod Touch Review

This new iPod 4G is yet to be published and people started to post some of the functions. It is expected that this new iPod a few hours of the announcement in the next, and that its first unit will affect millions of 17-18. This is also iPod with touch-display units, and will be a "screen 2

iPodprice 4G is just speculation and nothing can be certain until it is released. iPod 4G, in particular children and is said to feature that with a price range of what it's worth. Almost all the other functions of the iPhone there are 4 and there are some changes in the relative gain of other good qualities. It would be good justification for the games and the children would surely love this new iPod for this function.

So we have to wait for confirmation that all thingswith the release of Apple's iPod touch, 4G, and we are sure you update its features, specifications probably tomorrow.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reviews iPad - Live - Part 2

Part two of our test iPad, live from Boston

Monday, October 4, 2010

iPad vs Android Tablet - was the beginning of Tablet

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Since the new Apple iPad that market as Steve "revolutionary and magical device" has been placed in jobs, there are other great brands such as Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell, MSI, HTC, etc., have been or will be taken in tablet Hot Market leading gradually to a series of wars to fight under the tray manufacturers.

IPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

Among manufacturers of tablet, Tab Samsung Galaxy is a famous brand, the Apple iPad could fight andBattle began when the two brands on the market. So, what are the fascinating properties that capture the Kunden''Augen? First, the iPad a capacitive touchscreen, which is now better than any other type of touch screen on the right. Secondly, the iPad, a battery, the printer will run continuously for ten hours or on standby for a month. And third, the support of at least tens of thousands of software you download from the App Store smart pill. But as thegoes "every coin has two sides," the big brand tablets have their advantages and disadvantages. You can easily find that iPad also some weak points such as: no multitasking, no cars, no flash, no widescreen, no removable battery, no GPS, and the main points: It 's very expensive, although some customers. But the Samsung apart from its 7-inch display, the Galaxy Table A forward-facing camera for video chat and runs Android 2.2, the latest edition of Google phoneOperating system. Some of the biggest differences between the Galaxy and Samsung Card IPAD, of course, the software is delivered: Android and IOS are worlds apart in style and functionality. Then the Samsung Galaxy card has these outstanding characteristics, the iPad has: App support, tethering, Flash, Full Control, Full multitasking and USB support.

Big brands vs Android Tablet Generic

Some other generic tablet as Android Witstech the A81-E, SmartQ V7Moons and E7001 Zenithink ZT-180, the non-famous are also fighting for their survival! They combine some of the benefits and their tablets produce their productions terrible. Therefore, the tablets from the big brand companies, manufactures provide their customers with a much lower price, so take a lot of customers, especially those who can not afford expensive products. In reality, these products on the one hand, most of the major functionsBrands had tablets, such as Internet browsing, listening to music, play games, watch flash, read e-books, etc., and the requirements of most customers' with the exception of some special ones make. On the other hand, this well-designed tablet, not only are more fashionable than notebooks, but also much more portable. Although not as good as the big-brand tablets in terms of quality (some manufacturers have claimed that their pills worth more than the "pill" of the title, because their productsmore functions, while the iPad was a toy in her eyes), are still worth buying! To some minds, this kind of products would benefit the customers of the middle class or more!