Wednesday, October 27, 2010

15 best iPhone apps for your iPhone

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The next best is of course an iPhone is an iPhone application. No matter which mobile operating system, you can image is the fact remains that no other applications for iPhone OS in abundance, like those of A. The famous AppStore is a huge treasure of a huge number of applications for the iPhone. There are so many of them, is the user to select the best among them is difficult. It is estimated that there are more than 350The applications are added daily. To simply things, we have short-listed 15 cool iPhone applications that you choose is sure to be a hit with.

Facebook: Facebook for iPhone is easy to stay connected and the first place to exchange information with people on these giants of social networking a. With this application for the iPhone, you can make Facebook Chat, check with status updates, please post your status, upload photos etc. API: API is aMobile browser for iPhone helps you in touch with Twitter to what happens in real time. Amazon Mobile: This application allows you to Amazon Mobile iPhone, iPod and iTouch users to shop Amazon, when you travel. Compare reading, prices, reviews, shop and buy everything you want to look through this simple interface. Purchases that are mobile from Amazon using the secure server of the site also. Evernote:Evernote is a must-have application as it serves to remind very reliable, you can see ideas of things to take pictures and put them on Evernote and even sync them with Windows or Mac Google Earth .. There are very few people who are not from Google Earth are curious, you can go all over the world, watch and see what happens with aerial photographs and satellite images worldwide by Google Earth available for download, you have an application Google Mobile App ... and enjoy:You can Google Search with your voice and position. You can submit your questions with different emphases, such as British English, American English, or those with Indian, Australian accents, etc. It also supports Japanese and Chinese research of spoken language. Fring: This is also a must-have application for the iPhone, with the winner of the award application, you can create a profile, all IM chats in Google Talk, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. through the central, or you can use the video for free calls and free calls.Skype: After you install Skype, you can call any Skype or SMS for free. You can also send SMS or call any landline or mobile worldwide at affordable prices. Epicurious: A treat for all gourmets to sample from more than 28,000 meals and recipes from restaurants and culinary experts around the world. listening to more than five million songs and leave their personal radio stations by genre and artist. A gift for all music lovers!Hey where are you? This is a new location-based iPhone application that you can keep track of family, friends and colleagues wherever they are. Another must-have safe application. Read It Later: Read It Later you save websites for later, when there is no Internet connection. It can be especially useful if you want to read it while traveling, waiting for someone or simply when you want something interesting to read. Yelp: You can search forShops, restaurants, hotels, pubs, joints relax, spa, movie theater and what grabs your fancy at the local level of this application. Mobile World News: Stay in touch with what's happening around the world through this application, this application by the BBC. Photoshop Mobile: Cut editing and sharing photos and pictures of this amazing application without actually wasting your area of mobile telephony.

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