Sunday, October 24, 2010

iPad for photographers

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The Apple iPad is the latest must have gadget and I personally have found that, there will be a very useful tool for photographers, we were using to display portraits of customers like us, then making it feel more personal laptops or a lot to provide the hard sell with a big screen. With the iPad you can sit with the family photo in his hands and held it touch on the following images as if you were flipping through a traditionalAlbums can but with the added value, free enlarge specific areas so that they are happy the shots. We found not only that this is an extremely easy to show our portfolio, but we also found that our customers have enjoyed really handle it.

The iPad is much more than just a photo viewer is also ideal for storing photos while traveling. With the optional set the camera connector, you can easily connect the camera to upload yourImages when the memory card is full, and then take shots. Or if you prefer to work without wires, there is an application called "Shutter Snitch." All you need is the Wi-Fi capabilities of your camera as an Eye-Fi card and the images are received by you will be automatically transferred dell'iPad sharp 9.7-inch bright screen. Shutter Snitch detects the shutter speed, lighting, focal length, aperture and ISO. Can for each of these warnings so that the iPadThey automatically tell you if any of them do not match the rules that you entered. This is a very useful tool to have when on a busy photo shoot because you know immediately if the images are from a technical sense in which they are established you.

The iPad is a position where you want to fly and some basic image editing. We found a very clever program called "Photo genes. This way you can so some of the most useful photo editingwhile you are still in place, such as sharpening, color adjustment or layers, applying filters, cropping, straightening and even the addition of elements such as frames and cartoons, funny photos, which can be uploaded directly to Facebook or Twitter to create.

The iPad is a 9.7 inches, weighs about a pound and a half to arrive, 32GB 64GB and 16GB models. With a battery life of up to 10 hours there is no need to carry around the connector and cable, makes a smalland to carry versatile piece kit.

Overall we can say that the photographer iPad is a useful tool for everyone, and whether to download the images you want when you click on the path to display photos with the client or to make some major changes to the images to make them better. We would definitely recommend to all and we will continue our iPad a fully exploit them.

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