Sunday, November 14, 2010

IPad Killer - An overview of major competitors iPad

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So you are drinking coffee, reading email, writing, document design and presentation. Then you realize that you have a deadline and can not be tied to the computer. to do with three projects for the next day, what will you do? Now imagine mobile computing, of course. He heard Tablet iPad. He heard on devices other than the "killer iPad." Now what do you want? This article is the comparison to its main iPadCompetitors

IPad. If you read this, you probably already know what are the specifications of the iPad. The iPad is a 9.7-inch LCD touch-screen multi, has the processing power to play HDTV video is quite intuitive enough for you to make documents or presentations using iWork. There are two main criticisms, however: Multitasking and a proprietary operating system. A proprietary operating system means that you can not install what you want on your iPad. L 'The software must first be approved by Apple. While this is advantageous for safety reasons, may limit some users. Multitasking may be missing is a remedy and poison - The second criticism. Without multitasking, you can have only one application at a time - this means that you have no distractions. However, if you have a relationship with the command, and then have to check some facts with Safari, first understand iWork, launch Safari, Safari and then close and reopen, have iWork. A tedious process. Althoughthis has not been officially announced, it is said that iPhoneOS 4.0 will support multi-tasking.

HP Slate. HP iPad Slate will be priced just below that. It will have an Atom CPU, Flash support, USB connectivity, a memory card reader and a rear-mounted camera. The main complaint against HP Slate is that with Windows 7 on a touch screen device. All tablets are being other software that is optimized forcontact, even HP with Windows 7 not expect the response lag interface controls and buggy programs. If you are looking for raw power, then the list are the HP to go, but you should get more bang for the buck of a netbook. And how can HP Slate optimized for touch, you should be smarter to go for a netbook

The term ink Adam. Entry Tablet PC market in India. A much cheaper alternative to HP schist and the iPad. The Adam has a bigger screenthen used the iPad, a pixel-sceen Qi (-color ink e)) will be released Tegra2 driven by a chip (1080p, a camera pan, pad is on a remote and is powered by Android. If you can not afford it This device gives you the bang for the buck iPad. The touch screen and the trackpad is a combination of intuitive. Apparently the explanation for the trackpad is easier to browse the Internet. It would be the quality of the browser to think, if you need a trackpadcreate a positive experience. When I view the concept of ink Adam, I can not help but feel that this is software quality "economic." If you want a good GUI functionality to any cost, go for the Adam. However, if you want a high quality software and hardware - I'd recommend the IPAD

Il Corriere di Microsoft. I think the best fight for the tablet device, contention, and symbolic, between Microsoft and Apple. Currently, the only Microsoft CourierPrototype, but a video was leaked to demonstrate their abilities. The Courier is a dual-screen concept. In just 5x7 closed. No detail is known only that the Messenger is built on Tegra 2 and runs on Microsoft Windows CE 6 is focused on mobility. I can not recommend this product at this time is not known in detail. But keep an eye on these people is a major competitor of the iPad

If you go with the quality of Apple, but somethingundersized revolutionary device? HP Power House is running the wrong operating system? Ink-term cheaper alternative for mobile computing? Ø Microsoft Courier mysterious? Time will tell. Or rather, the consumer.

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