Saturday, November 27, 2010

will reduce the price - the lowest price guarantee on iPhone

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Many of us have bought a new hi-tech iPhone for $ 600 and now the price is suddenly $ 399 to help with slow sales and hook all new customers before the new gPhone comes from Google? that's all I can say that the next time a premium hi-tech personal element comes from Apple, I'm waiting for the price a month or two later.

Of course, the excuse that they are cutting prices in time for the important holiday season, which is almost upon us. This is a hugelower prices would be and I knew it was probably waiting to save the $ 200.00 and that is exactly the response of many customers with whom we have spoken to Starbucks this afternoon. They feel abandoned by Apple Ink, and many of them have been revealed even the money, plus the principle of the thing.

When asked whether to pay the asking price before the next new high-tech products, they said, probably, maybe not, and was about 33% each. The question is: how do you think of this? I suppose ifThey wanted one, so now you're happy that it's $ 200 cheaper and if you bought a full price, a part of you says that the premium payable for the personnel on board high-tech, but it bothers up.

initial users of the technology always pay a premium, and bore the brunt of the costs of R & D. The Apple iPhone has been so successful that they have recovered the cost of new investment and can now mass-market and reduce them costs worldwide for the iPhone rushThe models are sold in the U.S., but it's the first iPhone adopters rather angry out there who feel betrayed, as its status. Sincerely, Lance.

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