Friday, November 26, 2010

IPod nano - iPod More Than Just Little Brother

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If you think an iPod nano, it is likely that you think, "Oh, this is the device that you get when you wish you had enough money for an iPod, but you just can not man. IPod nano is the poor." People tend to think of iPod Nanos toy version of an adult is really carried out by junior high are all the steps of the children and none of the sophisticated features of the "real thing" - that is a model of the original iPod.

Well, nothingcould be further from the truth!

The current generation of iPod nano are sweet, colorful, elegant, and - most interesting - powerful.

Like most iPods, and like the nano before them, work with Click Wheel Navigation. This is not a surprise. But the new features. First, have a color display technology that integrates with Apple's Cover Flow. This is what you can look at the album cover while listening to your songs. You can alsoup to 7,000 of your photos in this little device.

However, the colors are not lifting it clear of the Nanos, which preceded it. Here's what it means - video. One battery charge allows you to display up to five hours of video on iPod nano. special music from Apple / Video Superstore - iTunes - you can enjoy movies, TV shows and music videos and watch them all on the bright display (in terms of more pixels per inch) than any Apple display. Always.

iPodNanos people have come in person and actually prefer their more colorful and compact design of the original iPod.

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