Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Apple iPhone as a book scanner and software Scouting Book

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There is an app on the iPhone, the software can take the place of scouting your PDA and scanner book book? Almost, it is still unclear, however, if there is a possibility there. So, do not cancel your subscription and book Scouting throw away your PDA yet. We hope that the day will come soon, if you can.

There are several applications for the iPhone, trying to replicate a notification by a scanner, a photo or video of a bar code and sends the price. I used all these applications anddo not work. You can work every 2 out of 10 cases and not worth buying - just a headache. This scanning applications often have problems with reading a barcode and information giving back, not all of booksellers.

Amazon has its own application if you have a picture of an object, email the info again - which is a bit 'slow when it is sold in a bookstore, but they are good if they are followed only buy from one of your books. You can use the image of a cover and AmazonE-mail of new information about the book.

SnapTell is another application that is good enough and how the Amazon app is free. SnapTell app works the same way as Amazon - Take a picture and gives information about the book.

If you have an iPhone, it is clear the capability is there to provide information for the application of a price, the basis for integration with database and provide Amazon Amazon Sales Rank Info, Book and conditions. At least the app that allowDownload the database and quickly find the information required by fisheries will always quote the ISBN numbers on the iPhone.

The camera of the new iPhone has been improved and I hope we are close to see, not possible for libraries to come to fruition.

The iPhone is not a book scanner yet, but it seems clear that the improved operating system and the camera is better, it will be a book on iPhone Scouter.

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