Sunday, June 26, 2011

iPad 2 - Conquering The Tablet store

When the first generation iPad was introduced to the public, it created a heavy response in the buyer world. It also got a mixed narrate from critics. They call it an "iPod touch with a larger display". Nonetheless, unlike other Apple products, the iPad is boosting in execution and features.

iPad 2 is their next generation iPad which got a cosmetic and software upgrade. It's faster, thinner and exciting. Apple introduced a new video chat called Facetime which allows iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to narrate via their device. The front facing and rear camera in the iPad 2 is standard. It takes good photograph and decent video quality.


The tablet market is dominating the buyer world and there is no doubt that Apple's iPad started it all. iPad 2 greatly competes with Android tablets. Samsung, Blackberry and Motorola have introduced a qualified line of tablets which technically dominates the iPad 2 in some aspects. Nevertheless, iPad 2 is still sufficient with 250,000 apps available in the iTunes compared to 80,000 apps in the Android market.

iPad 2 - Conquering The Tablet store
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Apple has always been discrete with advancements on their devices. iPad 3 will be arrival next year and we are expecting a lot of changes in order to compete with other tablets. For now, we have the iPad 2 which is an excellent movable device. Ios 5 will be arrival out soon which means that iPad 2 firmware will be upgraded and will get more features.

iPhone 4 - Changing how we look at smart phones

iPhone 4 was a heavy success for Apple. The invent may have leaked in the Web before its initial introduction but Apple did handle the situation. The iPhone 4 is sleeker and bolder iPhone. It got upgrades in both hardware and software. Iphone 4 is currently running iOs 4 but it will be soon upgraded to iOs 5. We can expect numerous features for the iPhone as well as other iOs-running devices.

Currently,iPhone 4 got a lot of competitors in the market. Most of which have overpass iPhone's standards. Htc and Samsung have earned great feedbacks from consumers but emerging competitors like Motorola and Lg is inspiring fast. These smart phones are running the Android Os advanced by Google Inc. Apple has always been the trendsetter and other associates followed their concept.

Apple will be introducing their new iPhone this year and everybody is excited about it. Apple has always been silent when it comes to developing their products. The next generation iPhone will be very fast and powerful. Iphone 4 has offered Facetime, Retina Display, improved camera and a covenant design. With the advancements in movable technology, for sure, the iPhone has so much to offer. Iphone 4 is a great smart phone and it reshaped how the movable phones should function in the future.

iPad 2 - Conquering The Tablet store

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