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iPhone Faq - Answers To Some Of The Most base iPhone Questions

The iPhone is a very popular smart phone. At one time it was the most popular just recently being take over by the many Android phones on the market. If you have an iPhone or are mental about getting one, you probably have quite a few questions about them. Find out some answers to the most common questions that population have about the iPhone.

Do I need to get the iPhone updates when they are available?


Many wonder if the updates are indeed needed. You don't have to get them but they do offer you some big advantages. Some applications won't run unless you have the most up to date update. There are also security issues that get patched up with these. You can also have advantages like improved battery life if they fixed an issue dealing with that. In general, get your updates.

iPhone Faq - Answers To Some Of The Most base iPhone Questions
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Is it legal to jailbreak an iPhone?

It is legal to jailbreak your phone. This is a process that opens it up so that it can be used in a way that is not intended. There are some advantages to it but you need to know what you are doing and be somewhat of an expert.

What can you do if the iPhone won't charge?

Sometimes your phone won't payment at all. Test another Usb port as yours might not be working properly. Use the wall charger instead to get more power to your phone. The iPhone might be frozen and needs to be reset. You might also just sync it with the computer first as this tends to help as well.

Can an iPhone be used on any network? Can I get a used one for my network?

You are wee to networks on this phone. It only works with one at the moment because of contracts. It's wee but if you like that network in your area, it's fine.

Are the old models worthless once the new ones come out?

Not really. The newest versions have some best features but all the basic applications and games will work fine on any version of the iPhone that comes out since it's the same platform.

iPhone Faq - Answers To Some Of The Most base iPhone Questions

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