Monday, May 31, 2010

Chilla Frilli - IPAD Apple Review (Journal)

Full review of Apple's new IPAD released! This is their last entry in the Tablet and mobile computing market, with 9.7 inch touch screen and a 1 GHz processor Apple A4 customized. Its price will be moderately high to be worth the money? Watch to find out and be sure to Sign Up! Keynote Follow me on Twitter for real-time updates and news at: Unboxing Review Apple IPAD First Look Hands-On Hands On Video I touched Tablet commercial Steve Jobs Thoughts PreviewAT & T 3G WiFi

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Troubleshooting Your iPhone - Download, Start, Reset, Remove, and Restore

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There are many reasons why you may experience problems with your iPhone. But before you fix something that is wrong, you must first determine what caused the problems. Troubleshooting the iPhone is not as difficult as you think. In fact, you might be surprised man, that you can fix yourself your iPhone even when you're not a technical demanding.

IPhone Frozen is one of the most common problems of the Apple iPhone. Thismeans that your iPhone does not work as expected or at all does not work. Here are some tips and tricks to set the iPhone when it crashes or if you have other problems.

Recharge. Ensure that the door will charge your iPhone with a high-power USB powered a low does not. The USB keyboard (if you have one) is powered down, so you can charge your iPhone with that port. Only a USB-powered High charge your iPhoneor you can also use your iPhone AC adapter. You can easily determine if your iPhone does not receive a power bill of a picture to look at the battery. When you see the flashing red battery image three times and then the screen goes black ... This is an indication that the iPhone will not be charged.

If you charge your iPhone will not solve the problem try this.

Restart. Restart the iPhone, but if your iPhoneor is blocked, the application has been frozen, you must cancel the frozen application before you can start over. To cancel the frozen app, press the Home button and hold for about 6 seconds. You should be able to delete the program, which is closed. Then restart your iPhone. Hold the standby button and wait until a red slider appears. Move your finger across the slider to turn off your iPhone. Before that, wait at least 10 seconds. ATurn your iPhone, hold down the standby button until the Apple logo.

When you load or restart your iPhone is not trying to solve your problem, a different solution.

Reset. To do this, hold the Sleep / Wake button and Home button simultaneously for several seconds. The display will rapidly dry and you should see the background in black and white Apple logo. Just ignore other symbols that may occur. It 'important to wait until the Apple logobefore releasing the two buttons. The Apple logo indicates that a reset is done well.

But then again, when you load or a reboot or reset your iPhone does not work, try another way.

Remove. More often than not, your iPhone will not work as expected when the content is not synchronized correctly. This requires more than just a reboot ... You may need to completely remove the problematic content. You can try to eliminate someContents such as contacts, calendars, songs, photos, videos or podcasts. Such content may be the cause of your iPhone to sync properly. Connect iPhone to your computer and go to iTunes. Change the synchronization options for each of the following categories: contacts, podcasts, calendars, etc. Click on iPhone in the Source list, then change what each tab in sync with the content and then Apply.

But when loading, reboot, restore orContent from your iPhone still does not help to remove, try another.

Restore settings. There are two ways to restore your iPhone to your browser's settings. First, go to Settings, then General, then reset, then reset all settings. This will reset everything, but no data or media will be deleted. Secondly, to go to the settings, select General, select Restore and select "delete all content and settings. Unfortunately, this removes all the files stored, and foldersThe contents, it does so with caution. You can back up all content that you want first. The second opportunity, do not put your iPhone back to the state when you first purchased. Again, use the second option with caution.

If all the advice above does not work ... You can try this option.

Restore. Try restoring iPhone using the latest version of iTunes. Connect the iPhone. If it appears in the Source list, click on Restore in the Summary tab. Thisis the iPhone and delete all information about them.

There are many ways to fix your iPhone. Now, if you still have problems, the best advice I can give is to go to for the iPhone troubleshooting section of the main iPhone support site contains an Apple guidance for situations like this. They have a huge amount of information available. This may be the best way to troubleshoot your iPhone.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sexy Bunny! (4.2.10 - Day 337)

Visit our new Order our iPhone / iPod app for free at: twitter our other app, Thats What She Said worldwide: Alli Charles on twitter @ . com

Thursday, May 27, 2010

iPod Technology

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iPod is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple and launched in October 2001. iPod classic collection brings music and the whole video in your pocket. iPods are several awards ranging from engineering excellence, who won the most innovative audio product, to fourth best computer product of 2006.

iPod shares disk space between the songs that iTunes and put all files you added so if your hard drive. iPodCases, owners can choose from a vast ecosystem of accessories with over 4000 products, including specifically for iPod, fitness accessories, speaker systems and iPod connectivity in over 70 percent of U.S. automobiles.

Apple focused its development on the iPod's unique user interface and ease of use, rather than on technical capability. Apple has the opportunity to participate in an auction for rights to use wireless frequencies investigated area,Sources BusinessWeek. Apple did not even know that was not, but engadget are obviously so confident or have a tip, can not reveal who made the post on "Ready.

Battery life is held more successful than the settings, turn it on only when you are watching videos or photos. The battery in 80 GB is 20 hours is what I need. Storage capacity at 8GB and 16GB will be as stingy by some.

Downloading movies from the iTunes Store and syncOn your iPod anytime, anywhere to watch. Download brand new and classic games, including Bejeweled, Texas Hold 'Em, Vortex, Mahjong, Mini Golf,-Man, Zuma, for a few dollars each, then sync to your iPod on Tetris and Pac play with your music preferred.

It has a carabiner clip, hidden zipper, and a second flap pocket, and compression-molded EVA outer casing. Functions, iPod touch walk from the iPhone. Usercan then download the song played in the workshop or in a list of the 10 most recent tracks.


iPod came from Apple's digital hub strategy, if the appliance company began creating software for the growing market for buying digital consumers. iPod and iPod photo are now the same thing, with every white iPod with a full-color display. iPod makes your music look as good as it sounds, thanks to its big, brightColor display.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IPAD in Test - Live - Part 11

The IPAD tested, live from Boston

Monday, May 24, 2010

Apple IPAD Videos - Watch the latest creation from Apple, the IPAD.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

iPhone ドックコネクターキャップ iPhone の ドックコネクター を 保護 する シリコン カバー "ダイヤ テック Heads! R

Friday, May 21, 2010

iPhone Pocket Guitar: Metallica, Nothing Else Matters

Demonstrating the growing demand for iPhone Pocket Guitar. Taken with a Nokia N95. Playing the iPhone is pretty easy, considering the thickness pysical light. This could also mean that it is easier to play on the iPod Touch, but on the offending iPhone3G (if thick). :-)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Create an iBook (EPUB) to IPAD with InDesign CS5

In this video I show you the steps to take to create an iBook for IPAD or EPUB eBook reader for almost any other out there with the new InDesign CS5! You can actually download the FREE iBook

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Iphone Downloads Information

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In order to get their new iPhone and you are ready to see what it can do. Are you ready to fill your iPhone 8GB music with all kinds of movies, games, etc and a really cool gadget that almost everything works. And do you know some good iphone downloads to try it.

Well, if you're going to go to the iTunes website: $ 500 other stuff is like 0.99 cents per song, and fast, you need a website that can obtain may be necessaryIPhone downloads a bit 'cheaper ok a lot cheaper. You can find download sites have a clear vision of the iPhone.

But not totally free sites and services go to those who know you're trying to find out that you or your children and will be installed on computers that have entered into a network, flying ads and all sorts of other things that eventually you has caused a lot had a headache. I personally had my computer 5 times, because my children have to repeat this.

There are someRumors that the iPhone can get downloads a virus or other exploit, hackers can use one to get your information so why take the chance of a bad place free iphone only. If you are a little 'shit from the free website that you use, you can believe that Apple will repair for free.

I found a couple of iPhone download sites, allowing users unlimited movies, TV, music, games, software, e-books download and much more. Get access to FREEDownloads in over 2000 categories. Everything you want whenever you want.

IPhone downloads are completely free of spyware, adware, viruses and Trojan horses, and not all species is bundled with additional software. Free DVD to PC to iPhone Software is included.

But it is totally free, requires a one-time fee to use it to get everything running safely and smoothly then you can pay whatever you want and not spend a penny. Well, youiPhone might want a new case or other accessory for your, but you can afford it, because you have not found any major bank that iPhone Downloads breakage.

Good luck and have fun and hours of pleasure with your new iPhone and download all your iPhone.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Kitchen IPAD

IPAD mounted in my kitchen cupboard. For more information, visit sound AUX input is the mini-stereo (until I replaced it with amplified speakers). This is just the beginning of this great device! More pictures at http IPAD is easily removable (without screw) - wooden rod holding it in place is tight enough to keep firmly in place. No power has yet (because the battery is very good), but soon - just need to Dremel again. Somehave over the hole left in the frame when I commented to remove the IPAD, I have a 8x10 photo (not the IPAD! glued) on a piece of wood that the openings in the bracket on the back of the closet door. I bought a replacement door (which will be sold) before cutting the original, where it all went pear-shaped (no pun intended!) So whenever I get the idea and returned to the kitchen so was. Future developments: - Install power source for IPAD. - Use Apple RemoteApp on IPAD streaming music from around the stereo to my iMac via Airport Express (if circumvent Apple to update their work in landscape mode Remote App!) - Streaming Radio App - EyeTV for live TV. Cover Flow to browse music would be nice - a strange omission from Apple. Bluetooth headset for Skype calls - someone, a headset, not my Motorola teamed with the IPAD. - Avoid car stereo speakers in all, one commentator has suggested the ceiling speakers - nice!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Apple Keynote September 9, 2008 Steve Jobs Highlights

The best moments of Apple Steve Jobs Keynote introducing the new iPod and iTunes.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Powerful and ultra compact iPod Nano

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You can use the iPod Nano have heard of something called, or you can have one bought (or received as a gift ... how nice!). Because at the time of this writing, the iPod nano is so new, we want to give a closer look.

Probably most readers will want to know more about this new creation from Apple thinker.

The iPod Nano is very small. In reality, the size of a portable flash drive (memory sticks People walk in and plug their laptops).

The iPod nano has all the features of the iPod mini, with the real differences between size, storage capacity and scalability technique (look at this in a second).

Like the Mini, Nano has a color screen, and loved the gray wheel, the iPod is to press the consumers, the work (which, as mentioned, is an added feature that Apple is already based on feedback).

The> Ipod Nano weights - get this - an ounce, which corresponds to the severity of MacWorld six credit cards.

Since most of us carry around a dozen cards in our wallet or purse - everything from library cards to gas cards as a driving and much more - is truly amazing that something so technologically could easily !

Other notable features of the iPod nano and the fact that there is a stopwatch that can record lap times for this (which is great,listen to their iPod nano as jogging!).

The iPod nano is also a world clock, which is perfect for travelers, and has 22 preset listening modes.

We found the iPod nano to the technical scalability, and this is something that many people who are quite happy.

To improve the functionality of this minuscule establishment - and, of course, to increase sales! - Apple iPod nano capacity theater to play songs wirelessly through any home, via BluetoothTechnology.

This is a very important feature that many iPod nano users are extremely happy. In a few seconds (even less), can listen to their songs through a state-of-art home entertainment system: no cable, no noise, just sit and listen to their favorite songs sound as good as a live concert, in some cases even better.

While most of the publicity on iPod Nano was overwhelmingly positive, there is a negative feedback too. Thecolor screen is sensitive to scratches that can read the menus difficult.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Apple Touch IPAD

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While Apple fans eagerly waiting for new Apple product, the Tuoch IPAD, the reviews sound IPAD, some pretty disappointing for them. IPAD is definitely something that Apple is expected to achieve the same high quality and style to see in the other. But how good is that? We see brief details through IPAD who know better.

A look at the negative

You come across an IPAD contributions that can does not sound encouraging for you. For example, some critics have argued that the Apple iPhone is just a modification of the IPAD, with the disadvantage, having on average larger, and therefore uncomfortable to wear.

IPAD Some reviews also say that makes the iPhone a little more than that, and so is trying only half a heart, Apple's a bit 'out of hand, can make new fans in the eyes of customers and Apple are turning. A closer look at> IPAD, but can prove this is something completely different.


If you check out the various features of this gadget, you will see that not only the interface much better than the iPhone, but there are many features integrated into the IPAD to its users. In fact, there is no comparison that can be made between IPAD and the iPhone.

IPAD Apple has a fully functional touch pad active and extremely easy to usefriendly. You can use this as a touchpad with an onscreen keyboard as well. The device has great programs like Safari, iTunes, viewers, editors and file managers, and more.

This device is ideal for a wide range of applications. Are you an avid listener of music, IPAD can be added to your personal music. If the Internet is that you are interested, the IPAD offer the best services for the Internet. Was to be the best mobile Internet deviceto this day.

Other interesting features

Even when I was a bit 'disappointed to discover that it is not April 1, 2010 that this product will be released to consumers in the market, I have a chance, check out most of the features of this device to offer users. Besides being an ideal device for mobile internet, music and video can be for business use and large.

You IPAD to view eBooks, meetings, create and display planPresentations get access to Google Maps and the advantages of a number of other features of this unique device. At a price of about $ 499 (expected) this device may be an ideal location to go. So let us wait and see how the market shows its impact on the IPAD!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Using the iPhone to send and receive SMS with ease Media

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The iPhone, which allows the device name of a photo or video and share it with other MMS. The photographs and videos that can be transmitted to the other party news, the album Room Roll will be saved. If your carrier does not support MMS, it will not be able to send photos or video, but it would be hard to find a phone that does not during those days.

To tap the conversation MMS, click on "News on the home screen. To answer a call MMS, tap thewhite text box below and use the onscreen keyboard, write a response. To delete messages use the conversation, click "Edit" and select list items you want to delete and select Delete. To compose a new message, tap the top right of the screen. In the new message screen, enter a phone number or to quickly access and select a contact from the phonebook. If you can not find, contact, may his name and details of the returnwhich set in particular link. Finally, type the message using the onscreen keyboard and select Send to send the message to the recipient.

Your call can also MMS video, images, voice memo, contact info and even a map location (GPS). The image can be displayed in full screen mode, simply touching. To save the picture, tap the bottom left and select Save and then click Picture. If you send an image to another part in the phone book, tap the bottomsymbol on the left. If you want to use an existing image, then click the Select button to bring existing iPhone you know that one is yours. If you want a new picture or record a video, select the photo or video to push. You can also send a picture message or video, to describe the recipients. When you delete a conversation, select the conversation from the list and press the Delete button.

The iPhone allows easy flow of messages in a readable format as it appearssingle conversation, so you can easily pick up where the conversation. You can also send messages to other users on your contact list to keep the conversation flowing. The smart onscreen keyboard can make suggestions for the words you enter input ideas likely to use. The onscreen keyboard also has a built-in dictionary, you use a simple spell check, so that messages can remain professional.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The iPhone, features and iPhone eBooks, music and games

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Speaking of iPhone

Currently such things as the most useful and popular iPhone. There is hardly a person who does not know what an iPhone. If there is still such people, I say a few words about the iPhone. And 'multimedia phone, internet. L' iPhone has been designed and built by a well known company like Apple. The iPhone was sold not long ago, but is increasingly popular. The reason is clear:iPhone has a great deal of various functions. This includes the following features: a portable media player, a camera phone, visual voice mail and text messages. These features include some Internet services such as web browsing, local Wi-Fi connectivity, email and a few others. The iPhone is the GSM standard, so not surprisingly, are spreading worldwide. Although many say that these phones are not useful for iPhone users, whichcan really provide a number of advantages.

Some features of the iPhone

A media player is almost the same as the iPod (including the production of Apple), but there is a difference in the structure of your music library. The sections of the music on the iPhone are arranged in alphabetical order more. The iPhone can play video and iPhone owners can watch movies and TV shows. It also has a built-in camera. However, the iPhone does not allow video recording, onlyPhotos. What's more, the iPhone supports this point of view to help the owner to upload or email photos from iPhone. To work with the texts, has a virtual keyboard on the iPhone touchscreen. Also read eBooks on iPhone. You see, there are so many features that you can make it difficult to list them all.

Download things on the iPhone

But the question still remains: how to handle these possibilities. There is a website that, Offers iPhone users the chance things iPhone eBooks, movies, music, games and other downloads? Fortunately, there are many sites like that. Some of them can be over 30 billion files and contain different types of games, many styles, a large collection of movies and electronic books up-to-date. The pages can be downloaded free and paid. Both free and paid sites have their advantages and disadvantages. So you can choose where to download iPhone eBooks,Movies, music, games and other things.

Friday, May 7, 2010

IPAD Apple - first look + Full Specs

This is a demo of Apple IPAD. Apple claims that its latest product. Want more? IPAD to official site: I did this video, from Apple. Check out my channel: Follow me on Twitter: Height: 9.56 inches (242.8 mm) Width: 7.47 inches (189.7 mm) Thickness: 0.5 inches (13, 4 mm) Weight: 1.5 pounds (. 68 kg), Wi-Fi model, 1.6 lbs (0.73 kg) Wi-Fi model 3G + * 9.7-inch (diagonal) glossy widescreen LED backlit multi-touch display with IPSTechnology * 1024 x 768 pixels to 132 pixels per inch (ppi) * fingerprint resistant coating repellent * Support for display of multiple languages and characters simultaneously 16GB, 32GB, 64GB flash drive, or Apple 1GHz A4 tailored, high-performance , Low-Frequency Power-System-on-a-chip * acceleration sensor * Ambient light sensor *: 20Hz to 20,000 Hz * Audio formats supported: AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Store) , MP3 (16-320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible(Formats 2, 3 and 4), Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV * User-configurable maximum volume limit * Support for 1024 x 768 with Dock Connector-to-VGA adapter, 576p and 480p with Apple Composite A / V cable, 576th and 480th Apple Composite A / V cable * H.264 video up to 720p at 30 frames per second, Main Profile Level 3.1 with AAC-LC up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in. m4v,. mp4 mov, MPEG-4 video, up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 x 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile withAAC ...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Apple WWDC 2005-The Intel Switch Revealed

Here we see Steve Jobs announced that Apple will begin using Macs with Intel processors and Mac OS X for Intel has been under construction since the beginning.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The art of beating the double-screen iPhone

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If you and an Apple iPhone itself has been used for more than a week, you are probably now an expert on the iPhone when it comes to his features, applications, cool and amazing. Do you also know, and I have a few tricks to improve your iPhone experience ... or maybe not.

When I say tricks, I made nothing less than efficient use what is already in the iPhone, many people seem to. Forget these tricks are simplybecause they have not had time to learn the secrets of their iPhone.

And 'true and evident that the best and advanced features of the iPhone interface is one of its users. However, if you have an iPhone, and you're not much of a tech-savvy person, you can "lose grip interface your iPhone is beautiful. This article will help you hang your iPhone using your iPhone by learning the 'art of double tapping yourScreen.

The Double Tap is an extension of the single tap. You have probably noticed that rarely double-tap a single item on your iPhone. Each icon and link on the surface seems to move with a simple tap-react. However, there are interfaces that do not respond to double-tapping differently if it were simply touch the screen once.

This is the trick! If you see a photo, video, web pages or e-mail is the double tap zoom in. To zoom out, onlyTap again. If you double-tap to zoom the map to hold, more and more detailed. And a two-finger double tap to zoom out.

If you have a film or video, you will notice that the screen displays an image Letterbox. This is when there are two black lines above and below the image is enlarged. To watch the video full screen version, simply double-click the screen tap. However, full-cut version, the words If you watch a movie with subtitles. To turn the screen back to view mailbox, double-click on your iPhone you tap the screen again.

This is just one example of the art of double tapping on the screen of the iPhone. When I type function mentioned in this article, double your iPhone can be used in all other programs. You can find these features in the photos, Safari and Google Maps programs found. In general, double-tapping means, zoom, what you have typed on your> IPhone screen. For example, you wanted a better look at the image that is located on the main page of the New York Times online edition to get. Just double-click, select the image and the image is twice the size standard can be increased.

IPhone to be able to experience the best features of your own, you may need to take some time to discover these hidden tricks. But as you go forward, you will notice how the iPhone is amazing ... because it gives you a choice, how you want to beentertained.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Girl Crush! (04:13:10 - Day 348)

Download our FREE iPhone / iPod alli 's Girl Crush: ***** ***** FOLLOW U.S. on Twitter: Youtube: Daily Booth : Daily Booth. com Blippy: *********************************** Music: Nathan Wills www.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Metal Gear Solid: The new Night Calling

This is a new Metal Gear Solid is a video tribute to me. The song is called "Calling To The Night by Natasha Farrow. The song is the official soundtrack of the game Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops available. It also appears that song in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Share this song by moving the iPod to play in the device menu (if you do not know). But also, the song is always your iPod when you start the game the first time. We apologize for the error, becausethe thing that you are somewhere in Shadow Moses song or another weapon. Enjoy!